Nothing But The Blood


What can make us white as snow? Nothing but the blood of Jesus. Corrie Ten Boom once said that when all you had was Jesus, that Jesus was all you need If you are not familiar with her, she is a concentration camp survivor and author.

What a blessing to know that, no matter if you are down to your last dime. If you are lost, homelss, have been devasted, you have it all when you have Jesus. He is enough and he’s more than enough. His very presence assures our victory.

The wonderful rose of Sharon permeates the atmosphere we live in. The very breath of God  is in us as believers. The fragrance of His sacrifice fills the temple of our bodies, and we are alive in Him.

Only a sacrifice so perfect could attain that. We are His children, our prayers resonate with God if we come bold to His throne in time of need. People are suffering today. Floods and fires have destroyed homes.

Divorce and drugs are destroying families. Children need desperatley to cling to the Lord in times of peril. It is easy to forget His love, if you are not rooted and grounded on a solid foundation, the rock, that is Christ.

Whatever ill wind blows today, hurricane or heartache, rest assured in the one cares, who is easliy touched by our infirmities. His name is Jesus and nothing but the blood makes us whiter than snow. There is power in that blood, plead it and use it and the power odf the name of Jesus. Rebecca Jones


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