Sow Gently


I recently wrote about the sower sowing the seed or Word of God. I explained the parable and the kinds of ground it fell upon. I was in prayer and it was like the Holy Spirit whispered, ” Sow gently. ”  I don’t always talk to people as well as I write under that anointing, so I’ve asked the Lord, to change me so I can be who He wants me to be.

Lately, I have had a lot of difficulty sowing. It was effortless before because it came so natural. But as spiritual battles and attacks escalated, I was worn down by the continuous, in your face attitudes of those who were not as receptive to hearing the Lord’s words or evening admitting any wrong doing.

Indeed, I worried that I was letting my good be evil spoken of, that the devil was drawing me offsides and into conflict. There is no use arguing with the accuser of the brethren, he’s always right or so he thinks. Jesus has something else to say about that! And He loves me and I Him. I never want to hurt or displease Him.

So my prayer is to sow gently. Let my words or His resonate in a teachable and receptive soul. For all are not willing to listen and some only because, I’m a woman. I never want to cast pearls before swine, and I hate to say that of people and even some believers who seem to remain aloof in some mindset that doesn’t include healing or grace.

I am going to change that and call them in His hands, only He can spring death to life, scarlet  to white, or destruction to salvation. I may have taken on too much, myself. I know He is finished, He longs to give rest, and I both need and deserve it, and as a believer so do you.

I don’t speak to people like I write, I’m articulate enough, I try to give examples even get on their level and even just listen. But I’m not being poetic, lyrical or even musical in my tone of voice or not given to be as elegant or descriptive. Yet, my tongue that is the pen of a ready writer feels set on fire from hell and needs a bit to chomp on. But then as I pray it feels hot like the coals laid on Isaiah’s.

I love peace and quiet and relaxed, I don’t mind joy or liveliness. But I hate chaos and confusion, and why? Because God is not the author of it. He hates it too and I’m His child. So help me Lord to sow gently, and to be quiet rather than combative, cool under pressure rather than blowing my top, help me to know when to speak and when to be silent. And through it all to let the Prince of Peace reign over me. Help me to sow patiently, faithfully and lovingly and to reap what I sow. Love, joy, and peace and all the fruit I can bear, handfuls on purpose, apples of gold in pictures of silver.

How about you? Are you finding it hard to tell people about Jesus? I refuse to become what I hate, rude, crude, loud. I don’t have to fight, just be still and see Him move. You don’t have to defend yourself, He will.  You don’t have to be loud to be heard. The whisper of God will change me. The thunder of His voice will be heard by some, but I remain in His grace, and I choose to sow gently. Like the little beaded pearls that drape a graceful lady’s back. I’ll sow gently. Rebecca Jones



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