Fast and Free


September 12th began the 21 day fast, which ends on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year 5777. I was following with a group from a church in Tennessee. I invited as many people as I could to join.

I encouraged as many people as I could including family members to participate. I wanted to help as many people as possible. I encourage you, it’s not too late to give up a midnight snack.

Fasting has been a fiasco for me in the past, I didn’t make it through a 21 Day Daniel’s fast which is more vegetarian. I tried a three day one, I made it barely with a piece of bread and grape juice for Communion each day.

But you know what? Jesus did it! He did the 40 days, with the the devil accusing Him and starting to challenge Him when He was hungry. Jesus really could have changed stones into bread but didn’t have to prove anything to that wicked one! And neither do we!

Jesus knows your heart and He understand so whatever you can fast, He accepts it if done with a right spirit. I didn’t ask for anything, I leave it up to Him. I used to worry about not fasting or tithing right. I was always sure that the verse about demons moving was added at the priviledge of the translators, and that the disciples couldn’t move it because of their unbelief.

I thought if I just had enough faith things would move. I had faith, Jesus knew. Some things I guess Jesus has to move for you. The fasts I did were motivated by trying to fit in, be included, and desperation. I’ll give up something every day. He knows what I can and can’t do.This time, I told Him, it’s just for love.

I can fast until 3p.m., the hour He was crucified. I can give up a little Pinterest. I am still posting my blog and I may have to work on my novel to have something to do. I will get my closets cleaned out a little.

But the first day went well and this fast is different and freeing. After all, the Son made us free. Rebecca Jones

  • Please join me if you like, it’s only  partial fast, remember Communion and never fast medicine of if you are not in good enough health, give up something else. I realize this is going up here on Day six, but it’s never too late to join, just keep going to Yom Kippor, the Day of Atonement, and the beauty of it it’s being called the Bridegroom’s Fast, isn;t that lovely? Be blessed in His Rest.

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