Speaking Life


Speaking life is really important. Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Proverbs 18:21. Just listen to people talk and you will see. They speak death. Mainly, because their focus is not on the healing and restoring power of Jesus, and that’s just being human.

It’s natural for people to speak death. If you live here in the US, you speak English or any language from your native country, France or Canada, French or English, you get the picture. You speak what you are accustomed to or what you learn.

When someone goes to the hosptal with their heart. People start talking death, finances, funeral arrangements, life insurance. And if the person recovers, then maybe they focus on their health problems, expect to have more. People talk about operations. Forgive me in advance, I neither intend to be cruel or rude, but it becomes like gossip, what the topic of conversation is every time you talk to them.

It is normal to be concerned, prudent, even have insurance, wills. It is alright to discuss your health. But is so natural to speak death, I have talked to people fluent in grief, some that excelled in lying 101, some who know doubt and others who are either silent with unbelief or yelling in expletives.

People talk to flowers don’t they? ” Oh, you’re so pretty, you’re growing like a weed. ” True story, I had a peace plant that came from my great aunts funeral. It was pretty a long time. Then it sort of dwindled, I was having trouble in my own life, I it think it reflected that in a way,then one day, it had one beautiful bloom.It too, faded got pulled off. I want it to bloom. Bloom, peace plant.

So let’s talk better to our plants, our pets, spouses and children. Let’s talk better to our own spirits by speaking healing words, the words of Jesus. Let’s believe we are His children and He loves us.

His words to us are kind, gentle and loving. He is slow to anger but He will admonish you. Speak life to yourself and family and see the difference, speak words of life and health, which Jesus declared His words to be.

Remember, it’s like your native tongue to speak death. So learn a new language, life!

Rebecca Jones /photo…Chelsea Ferenando Pixabay, thanks.



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