God Is A Writer

Haven’t we all heard that we might be the only Bible that someone may ever read. That’s a sort of unsettling thought in a way. You might catch me on a day when there would be Lamentations. What if it was a weepy day like Jeremiah? There are days I would pack your head full of information and it might be confusing, like some new converts start to read Revelation. I recommend John.

But for the most part, I try to be singing Psalms, spouting Proverbs. I have to practice what I preach and preach to the choir, myself included. I want to be like John, He knew Jesus loved Him and he said so. I love reading John, even 1,2, and 3.

And the Acts of the Apostles, oh my, how am I acting today? Loud like Peter? Sometimes, I have to get attention over noises and I watch out for that, I don’t like loud. I make sure I’m not a foolish Galatian, going back to the law and forgetting grace. I go back to the Genesis of my faith and see how the enemy deceived me on many occasions. I could be Samuel, who hears the Lord calling.

All cleverness aside, it is very important to realize that our conduct and our lives do leave a lasting impression. First impressions should be good, they should be the lasting ones. I am careful to word this blog in a way that makes others know I’ve had problems, but there’s hope to overcome them. His name is Jesus. I fought for my faith, I struggled with it, worried about it, but I still lived it expressed it and did my best to count it joy, even if it wasn’t always. A lot of that has been my own fault.

For even as a writer, I tried to anticipate dialogue, see life turning one way or another, expecting things, I didn’t see, which is faith. I felt I labored in vain, but that was not true. I was looking at the problem instead of the solution. This writer knows better now. Keep looking to Jesus, the author an finisher of our faith. Is God a writer, sure? He had the Holy Spirit go through many people and He has 66 books to His credit. And I’m still working on that novel idea. Next time your in the bookstore, pick up  Bible, someone might read you. You may be someone’s Esther or Ruth. Rebecca Jones / freely photos…


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