Hear His Voice


It is true. You are able to hear God’s voice. Many people will tell you He speaks through His Word. Yes, of course. The Holy Spirit guided many people to write it. He speaks to you through anointed people. And even through this blog.

But the Holy Spirit speaks to your spirit, He repeats only what the Father says, and He is the Spirit of Christ, this is the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. Now when most people talk about hearing God, unfortunately, they have done something horrendous, or as one case here in Georgia, a guy ripped off His clothes and ran down the road because ” God to him to. ” No, it was more likely drugs. And God will not have you murder someone.

One serviceman was playing with an ouija board, and said God told him to go AWOL. I can tell you that was not God. And He would not speak to you through an occult practice. The enemy counterfeits things in attempt to copy God. But he can not create. Only copy, distort, delay, hinder. And trick you out of blessings, he attempts to thwart them if he can get you off balance, out of focus, out of faith.

Jesus declared him a liar, if he speaks, it is a lie. If you have thoughts that question God’s love for you, you won’t get healed or get a good job. It’s likely the enemy. If it’s more like I know Jesus died for me, and you hear a slight, “Yes, He did. ” That’s the Holy Spirit. He often gives directions to go  a certain place or say a certain thing. He is in you as a believer, and thoughts come from both sides and we must discern. It’s not mind reading, guess work, or even rocket science.

You will probably get it wrong sometimes until you learn to discern and it takes effort to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. I once thought the Lord was telling me I didn’t love my mother enough, later I knew it was the accuser of the brethren. His sheep do know His voice, but like I said, you must discern and that takes time alone with the Lord, quiet places, restful places, praying in the Spirit. It is a communion with Him, an intimacy.

The Holy Spirit will sound like your own voice, because it is a thought. Though, I know people who have heard the whispers and even an audible voice. Do not believe everyone who tells you this. You do not know if they are true believers, addicts or deceivers. Many mentally ill people hear voices. They can be treated with medicine, if it is a demonic influence or pharmakia, drug use, which is rebellion and witchcraft, you must have someone familiar with deliverance ministry. Constant, harassing voices, or ones that want to cause harm are likely the enemy.  It is wise to seek medical or psychiatric help or a deliverance ministry. Drugs use can look like OCD, or it could be a tormenting spirit. It takes discernment, it takes Jesus.

Remember, the devil tries to copy God, he may whisper too, ” It won’t hurt you. ”  and                ” Everyone does it. ” Any false promises or deceiving things, you should recognize as a believer. Unfortunately, myself included, we have not always done so.

God spoke to Samuel in a still small voice. At that time in Israel, there were no open visions. He thought Eli was calling him. Today, after Jesus was crucified and we have accepted Him as Lord, we are priviledged to have the Advocate, Counselor and Comforter in the prescence of the Holy Spirit.

We must ask for wisdom and submit to God. Always seek only the Holy Spirit, never look to practices that are not of God. Not everyone who says they are hearing from God really are. The message is grace and truth in Jesus. The Holy Spirit is our teacher, He will guide you.trust only the Holy Spirit, renouncing anything from the wicked one, and you will be able to hear His voice. Rebecca Jones

  • I am not a psychiatrist, so I do recommend professional help.remember. people can be oppressed of the devil. Acts 10:38  There is no shame in asking for help. Jesus loves you, and  I hope there is love in my words, healing love.

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