Killing Jesus? Who Me?


Most of us who become believers accept Jesus by faith and believe His love will save us from hellfire and damnation.  We repent of sin and believe He is Lord and risen and coming again.

But for some of us that’s it. We struggle on with our lives, maybe even going to church every week or at least now and again. We might pray some or read the Bible. But do we consult Him in our lives and pray His perfect wil by praying in the Spirit? No, maybe not.

A lot of people are against the speaking in tongues for various reasons and it is not even taught in some denominations. But it is a gift of the Spirit, and truthfully, and in my own life, a life saver. It is nothing to be afraid of. The Holy Spirit is the one who is the spirit of power and love and a sound mind. 1 Timothy 1:7 He helps us to pray, but it is an act of our will.

Jesus died for all of us, He knew no sin yet He tooks our sins and sicknesses, all the vile and ugly upon Him, purchasing our salvation if we believed. We, in effect, killed Him. He died to save us.

So, as believers, shouldn’t we believe living up to that sacrifice. We should be walking in grace and peace, demonstrating love so powerful that it bowls over the sinners of the world and causes them to fill the churches.

The Gentiles should be provoking the Jews to jealousy and God would grafting them back in to the Covenant of Love. We should be seeing healing, miracles, deliverances. We should be free in our souls to the point of praying others free.

Jesus died once and for all, for anyone who would believe. So if we are living stale, mundane lives, walking in the humdrum knowledge that we will get to heaven someday and that’s about it, we’re not living like Jesus wants. He came to give us life more abundantly.

If you think that’s all it is. It isn’t. Read Isaiah 53. Read it over and over if you have to. He never intended us to accept the status quo, that it’s just the way it is. You never know what God is up to or what He’ll do. He heal you if it’s His will. Well, if it wasn’t, why did He even send Jesus? Why did Jesus tell the leper, it was His will?

He couldn’t do any miracles in His hometown because of unbelief. Are we still killing Jesus? When He is anxious to help us? Are we keeping Him on the cross, when He is our High Priest in heaven? Let’s think it through? How do we really see Jesus? Rebecca Jones


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