Call On Jesus


Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known. Jeremiah 33:3

He won’t hang up on you, put you on hold or make you go through all the bother of computer ramblings, press this or that. It’s not a dropped call, lost signal, not enough bars. You don’t have to go around saying, ” Can you hear me now? ”

It doesn’t go to voice mail. It doesn’t have to be a text message. Just a prayer. Simple, right? We’re so busy with our lives that we forget we can communicate face to face, it’s called talking.

I love my desktop. That’s how I pin and blog and tell people about Jesus. I’m not much on phones. I used to have friends call me as a teen and I’d  give them the scoop on Charlie’s Angels but that was a long time ago. I think telemarketers and seeing people type and talk to themselves has done something to me. I like to talk.

Don’t you like going to get the mail, the snail and junk kind, and chatting with a neighbor? Or stopping the cereal aisle to say hello and catch up with someone you havent seen for a while? Don’t you miss mother/ daughter, father /son talks?

God is never too busy, so what’s our hang up? He will listen and show us things we did not know. There are some things you just can’t Google. God is smarter, anyway. And you if it’s on the internet it’s true, right? Wrong! We’re smarter than that! But God is a man who cannot lie, by the body and blood of Jesus Christ, His Son, He has sworn an oath. He does not change and cannot lie.

How do we call on Him and learn new things? We pray, and listen. Pray in the Spirit, if you have that gift. Pick up on the little signs He gives you that He is at work in you life, it can be something insignicant, something perhaps, only you and He know, even an inside joke, He has a sense of humor, He created laughter and joy, and it is in His prescence we find and maintain it, it is worth praying for. It is different to being happy, that can come and go. I find myself in joy now, that in trials before, it would have been tears.

It’s not laughing to keep from crying, it’s because I knw He’s working on something better. I know He loves me now more than I ever knew before and know I love Him for being there through it all, always keeping me first in His thoughts even if I couldn’t understand His higher ones. Nothing separates you from His love. He will not for sake you but the Holy Spirit will step back and be grieved if you don’t give Him your full attention, He’s not pouting but wants to be with you, to love you and guide you and be a part of your life. He broods over us.

It’s true, He hovers over, is in us, sits upon, rests upon as opposed to came upon in the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit is a gift from Jesus, He is the Spirit of Jesus, of God. When I recently read a friend’s blog and she said he sat upon her in the car, and another time used the word, broods. My first though was brood mare.But I looked it up, it is in reference to chicks how the mother sits on them, brooding. Jesus uses the same reference about Jerusalem, He would have gathered them.

It means to think on, meditate on persistently. We are always on His mind. It also means to loom, fill the atmosphere. That’s when God is at work. I used to know so little about the Holy Spirit or gifts and had a lot of fear but there is nothing like His love. And if were in a mood, He wil step back, just like we will walk away from arguments or language, or chaos, so will He, but He will never leave us a s believers.

So call Him, talk to Him, let Him help you, love you , comfort you, help you make decisions, some of them may even be life saving. Call Him in prayer, you don’t have to buy minutes or switch plans. God has a Master plan. Rebecca Jones


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