Guard Your Words


Have you ever wished you could get people to get their tongues under control? Don’t you wish you could get your own under control? James has a lot to say about the tongue. You can read it for yourself. If you ever wonder about yourself just look at the story of Zacharias.

He served in the temple and his wife, Elizabeth was barren. They desperately wanted a child. But when the angel came and told him, he couldn’t believe it. He was struck silent until the baby was born. I believe it was necessary, for his doubt or unbelief, may have allow the devil to hurt Elizabeth or do something to cause John the Baptist not to arrive as a forerunner of Jesus. God had a plan, he let the angel shut Zachariah up! I hope I never have to ask Him to do that for me.

That is the baby that would leap in womb when Mary came to visit her cousin, even as a child John the Baptist was filled with the Holy Spirit and recognized the coming Messiah. He had to be born then before Jesus. He would preach in the wilderness and win many souls and baptize Jesus, but his father couldn’t speak until he was born. So I guess I’m not the only one holding my tongue.

Let’s look to Zechariah and see that we don’t want to follow that example. We want to believe what Jesus says and confess it over our lives. If fears and doubts try to sneak in, put them out. Jesus understands, He went through the same things we do as a human beings. He is there to help, calm and quiet.

God will watch over our tongues and help us control it. It takes a lot to control it and overcome but with God’s help we can do it! Or else we would walk around like a bunch of Zachariahs. Funny thought, isn’t everyone on a tablet? Zacharias wrote, ” His name is John. ” and then he speak again. Rebecca Jones


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