Do Everything In Love


We are all familiar with the verse about doing everything in love and unto the Lord, but do we, if so, how? Starting with marriage, people marry for a lot of reasons, companionship,  what they have in common, wanting children. And then there are those, who go for looks, money, the physical more than the spiritual, And marriage, a sacred union ordained by God for one man one woman, has fallen by the way. Sadly, so many people have come from broken homes that  they see it as only a piece of paper or archaic.

Nothing is farther from the truth, He never changes, even if social climates do, or laws are passed. He would not have us as believers to be cruel or unfeeling but His standards have not changed even if morality has. God is patient, slow to anger and forgiving but He honors marriage, and as a heart for widows and orphans. Love should be the reason for marriage, for conceiving children, adopting or fostering.

Love should be why we wake up in the morning and start our day. It’s why we pack special snacks or notes in lunches,why we cut the crust off the edges, lay out clothes. It’s why we work or keep house or volunteer. It’s why we overlook little infractions of house rules, and take a breath before getting outraged over the big ones.

It’s why we tie a tie or give neck rubs or pack the children off to grandma’s, set out candles  for a romantic dinner. It’s why we do what we do when we are tired, sick or at wit’s end, sometimes. We do it out of love, because we love and because Jesus loved us first. We don’t do it to get noticed.

I know your house will look lived in. You know mine is liable to have laundry being folded on the couch. But because I love you and am glad to have company, I will offer you you something to drink, cake or cookies, if I have any. Or a sandwich. I will turn off the  computer or television, and listen.

I taught Bible study for a while, I enjoyed it. But I had so much to do though and very few people, it dwindled out, as people moved on. But I always had lunch, dessert, and most importantly, we prayed.

I like just that me time, or girl time. I like buying cute paper plates, even though I have cute dessert ones. I like sharing coffee and a donut or two. I like sipping iced tea on the porch and the neighbor’s cooking out and then bringing me something. I lived in Atlanta, I’m used to the fast paced but you can still accomplish quite a lot in love when you are slow and steady and at rest with God’s plan, love.

You can say no in love, not now or not today in love. You can bow out of events and commit to others gracefully. No one can be on the go 24/7. Love can make you popular, the go to guy or gal, that’s when you have to discern. I probably had some come for lunch, not so much the Word. I have people who just want you to be at their beck and call. It’s not happening. I have learned to rest and I can pray and God hears from anywhere.

I thought of something funny. Naaman wanted Elisha to wave His hand but he pretty much told him to jump in the river. I have seen people scoff, I’ve cast a few pearls that were rejected, so now I use wisdom and love and help who I can when I can. It’s why I call older people, I used to make or buy them stationery. I had a lady in her 80’s bring me dinner, that’s love. Now I’m getting into the coloring, I hope some of those sweet old ladies who’ve  gone on can gather around a table and angels are watching them doing art.

Never discount the little things, I donate coats, pass along clothes and purses. I have given people food, though I didn’t think they were needy. And of course, the needy. Some people are givers and some will always be takers, but there are those who will always need someone. So whatever you do donate, pray for or teach. Whether you give someone a coat, blanket or shoe, or drive them to the doctor. Jesus know our hearts, let’s do it in love. Rebecca Jones

Let all that you do be done in love. 1 Corinthians 16:14


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