He Delivers


Are you expecting something? A package? Something you ordered. Well, so is God.He’s expecting us to use our faith to gain our freedom in Him. For where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.

And it doesn’t have to be just super sized faith. He knows and wants to us be still and even in some cases be quiet about matters until He can deliver. He’s better than the postal service  or UPS. And it isn’t Federal Express, when He begins to move things for you, they will move, but you have to believe, exercise that faith.

And then put into practice, thanksgiving and praise. There are some things and situations we just can’t help, fix or settle. No matter how much we want things to work out sometimes only God knows and sees hearts purely, sometimes I err on giving people the benefit of the doubt. I really had to stop doing that and trust the peace whisperer. If something isn’t sitting right, it’s probably not.

I think Jesus overloves us, as believers, we can do that too. I have and it hurts to be hurt by wanting others to see Him as Wonderful and they don’t. So sometimes, we will have to step back take a breath of Holy  Spirit air and just back away.

We tend to want to be men pleasers but it is more important and wiser still to be a God pleaser. So expect a package, His deliverance of something wrong in your life, something you haven’t been able to overcome, or someone in your life. You may not know all the causes or solutions  but He does and He delivers. It maybe be on back order, being shipped or in the air, it could even be on the doorstep of your heart. Rebecca Jones


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