See What God Sees


Take a good long look. What do you see? Do you like what you see? Most of have complaints about ourselves. It’s easy to get make up, change your hair color or grow it out, cut it, braid it or what ever. Not too difficult to find a new outfit, or mix and match old ones from the closet. New shoes just make our day!

But most of us would say were are too fat, skinny, tall or short. I have freckles or my ears are too big. I kept a little girl at daycare whose mother had her ears pinned back surgically.  What we think of ourselves, isn’t what God sees. He sees you as believer in Christ, a masterpiece of His creating, perfect in Jesus. He is aware of our faults as humans, that ‘s why He sent Jesus to die for us..

And here we sit  complaining about some perceived abnormality. My ears are too big, I look like Dumbo. Cut it out, pray for the deaf. My neck is long, I look like a giraffe. No you don’t! Swans and dancers are graceful and have long necks. Nobody cares about me. Wrong again, Jesus came to seek and save the lost. Most of us have someone else that is happy to criticize and ridicule, don’t let that bother you, the enemy seeks out who he can devour. For God’s sake, don’t help him!

See what God sees, a daughter of the King, blessed, highly favored and deeply loved, endowed by  her Creator with gifts and talents to use for His glory. See a virtuous woman who loves her family and sows Jesus into them, not by dragging them to church every time the door is open but by her words and ways, the praise she offers the Lord during the day. Sing when there is no music, praise not for an audience but for the Alpha and Omega, who is writing your life story as you speak, His perfect will is a manuscript with a happy ending.

But as every writer knows there are layers to stories and sometimes different out comies. Are you a heroine who talks about herself as though she was the villain, are you Dorothy or the Wicked Witch of the West? What do you see? I used to talk to people and they tell me how fat they were, whether they really were or not. That hurt me as I was heavy. But maybe they didn’t see me that way, God surely didn’t. He saw my love. How I loved to write and how I loved to help people by doing that.

He kept my tears in His bottle and remembered every prayer, and He sowed a love of Jesus in me. That’s what He saw, His masterpiece. Knit together, known before I was born, His friend, His bride and His beloved. That’s what He saw and that’s what He wants me to see and wants me to tell you to see. Rebecca Jones

No More Crumbs


I recently read about a lady stuggling with a mental disorder, her mother’s accident, her children needing her and her husband.  She said she felt like she was getting crumbs from the Master’s table. pastor Rod Parsley has a book called No More Crumbs.

So let’s look at the Bible story. Jesus was walking with the disciples when a Canaanite woman began to follow asking Him to heal her daughter. She chased them, the disciples were annoyed and wanted her to leave, she called Him Son of David but was not a Jew.  She even knelt before Him. Three times she was ignored.

Jesus told her it wasn’t fitting to give the children’s bread, ( Himself, healing, the Word ) to the dogs. She persisted that even the dogs get the crumbs from the Master’s table. And she was right. She dropped her pretense of  Judaism, referring to Him as the Son of David. When she knelt before Him and said Lord help me. He praised her faith as being great and restored her daughter.

She was also not offended by the dog reference, Jesus told her He was sent to the lost sheep of Israel. Aren’t you glad the gospel came to the Gentiles?  Jesus was not being flippant or accusing. He was serious, He knew what she was asking. She was pretending to be something she was not. She was asking amiss.

And while the dog reference was not meant to be unkind, it evoked a response. I looked up the Greek, it is dog but knowing Jesus I do believe it is more like puppy. He wanted to get her to drop the act and ask the right way. Her daughter’s demon may or may not have been pride, but she was bordering on it. But she is one of two people that He considers to have great faith. the other the centurion, neither are Jewish but showed a strong  belief in His power.

The Hebrew word for dog is kelev or keleb, it where the name Caleb comes from, also meaning faithful. And see the lev, that’s heart. He knew people would love their dogs.Never let someone tell you they don’t go to heaven. The Lord loves us and He would never let our eternal home not be filled with beloved pets.

As to the woman who felt that during her trials all she got was crumbs, crumbs of grace, maybe so. But let’s not be proud or pretenders, let’s not havea martyr complex or pity parties, it never works and you are the only one invited unless you find yourself in miserable company. Maybe misery does love company. But Jesus loves us miserable or not.

So let’s love Him and ask the right way, approach the throne boldly as daughter of the king. He robed us with His righteousness not to be proud and arrogant but peaceful and abundating in grace, mercy and love. And in joy. He longs to give us great joy. It is in His presence.

Praying in the Spirit also guarantees the perfect prayers. It is praying His perfect will. Let’s give our dogs the crumbs and eat at the Master’s table and be filled and satisfied forever in His love. No more crumbs. Rebecca Jones



Room For One More


In many ways we are headed toward the marriage Supper of the Lamb. In Matthew 22 Jesus tells the parable of the king who throws a wedding feast for his son. Those invited don’t come, the servants go out and ar murdered. the angry king has the murderers killed. He then tells other servants to too the highway and invite any to come to the feast, they’re given wedding garments. One is found without a garment the angry king has him bound and put into outer darkness.

Jesus is great at story telling isn’t He? Most people don’t understand. The Jews didn’t. God is preparing that feast for His Son, He was angry when the prophets were killed. He was angry that Jesus would be treated so cruelly, but knew He was the sacrifice for all. Many people died because Jesus was not accepted as the Messiah then, God allows destruction though it is not His will.

So from the Jews to the Gentiles, the gospel was passed and preached and He does have a plan to restore the Jews back into the Covenant. Those invited were not worthy. None of us are. God could have simply allowed everyone to go to hell, but He loved us too much to do that, instead sacrificing His beloved Son.

We are made righteous only by Jesus death on the cross. He knew no sin, but became that for us. He bought and paid for our robes of righteousness, our wedding garments, if you will accept it and Him as Lord.

Indeed the gospel has been preached to most of the world, only in a few places where Islam will not allow it and remote places. Even countries that may not allow evangelism have been visited by Christians or missionaries at one time or another. Rich, poor, young and old have heard Jesus Loves Me. Sinners have been made saints by His precious blood.

We are redeemed by the blood of the Lamb and our garments are spotless and white preparing for the feast. Yet, one got in among the crowd, who did not have a rob and put into outer darkness. These are hypocritacal people who are only pretenders when it comes Jesus, they never knew Him as Lord. There are those who are self righteous, but our righteousness is as filthy rags.

We are not born again or saved by our works or self righteousness. That is filthy rags. But we are robed in His righeousness as believers and have eternal life with no fear of hell or outer darkness. How are we? By faith, by confessing Jesus as Lord and Savior and being filled or baptized with His Spirit. We must believe He paid the price for ours sins, and gave us eternal life and purpose to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit. We must believe He was raised from the dead and is in heaven, making intercesson or praying for us.

Many are called but few are chosen. Indeed, He has called many and they have not accepted His call. Few are chosen, He says He chose us from the foundation of the world. that is true, He chooses certain people for certain things if they accept His gifts. Don’t let people lead you astray with this verse. I had a lady tell me salvation was only for the people He chose from the start.

I totally disagree. If that were true, why send out people to preach the gospel to all the nations? Wouldn’t that be a waste of time? Why send the servants to invite any and all, good or bad to the marriage feast? God is corporal, meaning He does things in order. He’s smarter that we are! He called every at sometime to accept Jesus as Lord. Did they accept? Not always.

Did He choose people? Most assuredly. Like end times Esthers, we are here for such a time as this, so as a believer know you ready and righteous, walking in white. Invite everyone you can to be robed in His righeousness by salvation. He wants His table full, it is an endless one, spanning heaven’s breath.

And there’s always room for one more. Rebecca Jones

A Table Before My Enemies


Are your having a hard time? A bad day? Are you a believer? If you are, then you understand how the enemy throws those fiery darts at you. Oh, our arsenal is full of weapons. Praying in the Spirit is the most powerful.

But you can have peace in your heart regardless of your circumstances. Do you know why? Jesus left you His peace and it is palatable in spite of any foe that rears it’s head, He’s clearly the winner in this and He is preparing a table for you in the prescence of your enemies. Right now, He is.

Are you prepared? Well get ready. He leads us by the still waters and restores our souls. We need restoring, I know I do. I want to be be seated by the still waters and fill my plate will cool fresh fruit, a crisp salad, a chopped steak and a baked potato. What will you have?

And these wine glasses, how about some non alcoholic champagne? A spot of tea? Or iced tea, like we Southerners drink. Iced tea for those who may not know is Southern champagne.

The enemies are cringing, quaking in their boots. The Lord is near, His deliverance is there from every snare of the fowler. So come on, walk with the Lord beside peaceful waters and be refreshed by the sea air and the spray that mists over us like a fine silk spun by the the Holy Spirit.

He prepares a table before me in the prescence of my enemies, He anoints my head with oil. ….from Psalm 23. Rebecca Jones

Engraved On The Palm of His Hand


Think about things we have engraved. Gifts of great value, a pocket watch or ring, something silver or gold, very costly and sentimental. There are bracelets with names on them, necklaces. I have seen them with names of states. Friendship gifts, jewelry boxes, tea sets with last names or initials.  Wedding gifts, glasses, picture frames, and even writing instuments like a gold pen. Something that sets it apart and makes it special. It might say twenty five years of service, for a job well done or fifty years of marriage. Even a special Christamas ornament, baby’s first Christmas or maybe a newlywed one, the grandchildren’s names. You get the idea.

Now, let’s look at this verse…Behold, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are continually before me. Isaiah 49:16. Isn’t that something? Though God is talking about Israel or Zion and the walls, which can also be inscribed. He has not forgotten His people, no matter their difficulties or trials. They are engraved on the palm of His hands, every time He sees His hands He sees Jerusalem, He sees Calvary, He sees us.

How are things inscribed or engraved, with fine tools, maybe a diamond tip, like a jeweler will cut a diamond with a chisel, executing a split to perfection. Clear and clean, flawless. the silversmith or goldsmith is the same using delcate and deliberate font, it is precise, every swirl of calligraphy. Beautiful. A master craftsman.

Now, look at God’s only Son, a Roman soldier with the swing of a blacksmith, draws back a hammer. He drives the nail that is more like a spike for a railroad. Blow after blow, until it rips the flesh of the Saviour, nailing Him to the cross in our place.  He executes the Lord, a split to perfection.

I have had my hands slammed into doors but nothing compares to this. It pierces through His wrists at the base of the palm, for the center would not hold the weight of a man, it would just tear off. Read about Roman crucifixions, watch the medical examiners account. Jesus suffered more than anyone to save everyone if they could believe, but sadly many won’t, and sometimes we that do focus on the cross.

But instead of that, although we should always remember, we should see Him risen, sitting at the right hand of the Father who sent Him. Every time a prayer goes up and angels place them where they go up as sweet incense, He may be waving them to go do some duty. He sees the inscription. Every time He makes intercession or atonement in the Holy of Holies, of Heaven, He sees His the inscription. Like the letter sheen of the Hebrew alphabet, that has the shape of a hand and can be seen from high above etched into the landscape of Israel, He sees His hands, and He sees us.

If He had that much power in them before the cross, should He have even more now? If He was willing to heal and deliver and send demons over cliffs and into outer darkness then, isn’t He now. He hasn’t changed, Have we? Today, as you drink your coffee and answer the phone, look at you wrists. If you have a ring or neclace a treasure look at the engraving. Remember today, that you are forever engraved upon His palm and He values you. It was not a master craftsman that took care to make it a thing of beauty, but a master butcher that carved into flesh and bones with unimaginable burning and pain, that engraved us there.

Not clean nor clear then but now. He set us apart and made us special. And still it became a thing of beauty…His palms, risen, resting. He was finished. Rebecca Jones


Stop Looking At People!


I said stop looking at people, and start looking at Jesus! Hebrews 2:12 tells us that but what do we do? We look at every one else and their situations. Who’s got this or that. Who’s doing what with who,the latest fads or trends, keeping up with social media and people we don’t even know, not that I don’t consider you a  friend. If you are a believer, I prefer you even, if I can bless you, take a load off, or just give you a laugh, that’s great.

I don’t want to hammer you over the head with God, that’s not Good News but sometimes we a need a little Godly TLC to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start over. It’s grace, a gift from the Prince of Peace and it’s new every morning. I got very little sleep last night, it’s been one of those days. Storms are firing up in the afternoon Georgia heat, that’s kept me in the cool air conditioning blogging this summer. It was hot, I limited my time in the sun, but not in the Son.

Today, is a day to run on Jesus. But Jesus isn’t the one who wants to keep us hopping and driving ourselves crazy. He is the Prince of Peace who left us His peace, after all. For Heaven’s sake. Let’s quit looking around at other people’s problems and focus on Jesus Christ our Lord.

He carried our burdens, sickness and shame. Let’s make time for Him, give Him priority, include Him in everything, Let Him have breakfast, lunch and dinner with us. Take Him shoe shopping and to the grocery store. Sing to Him and praise Him. Who cares what people think? You don’t have to tell them everything about everything. No one but Jesus knows what’s in your alabaster box.

He gives us grace freely and keeps us going, not like the energizer batteries, but with faith, hope and love and love is the greatest. His love is the greatest and He wants us to rest in Him. Let’s rest in Him tonight. Be blessed by my extra little post. I need a nap! 🙂 Rebecca Jones

Open Your Gifts


Therefore you do not lack any spiritual gift as you eagerly wait for our Lord Jesus Christ to be revealed. 1 Corinthians 1:7

We really don’t lack any spiritual gift as we wait for Jesus to be revealed or for His coming or even as He shows us His plans for our lives. What a beautiful thought. And we know God is a loving and giving Abba, who spared not His own son. He gives many gifts, gifts of the Spirit, tongues, working miracles, even. Lots of gifts, grace upon grace. He has stacked on the packages.

But have you opened them all? Well, go ahead. I should have posted this in July so it’d be Christmas in July. I can’t wait until December. So look at where we are, in the Jewish High Holy Days, rather just before. Waiting until the New Year, October 3rd, Rosh Hashanah, and the year 5777. Isn’t that a great number.

God is a giver and He has appointed times. But He gives gifts all the time, every day. Every breath, every heartbeat. The sunset and butterflies. That parking space close to the mall. Little things like the smell of puppy breath or baby shampoo in newborn’s hair. Big things like a new job, a house or car or better still health restored, a financial burden lifted. Or merely an unexpected blessing.

Have you ever seen those sad stories where some one has died and people leave their unopened Christmas gifts unopened? Maybe a missing child? Or custody battles, when someone finds out their father did send them gifts every year for their birthday and their mother just put them aside. Even the popular television show Monk, about the OCD detective, he kept his wife’s gift seven years before finding out it was the key to her murder and that she had a daughter he didn’t know about. Sad. Wasted time, talents and gifts.

We don’t want to be like that! Open your gifts, they may be large or small but don’t be like the people who don’t open them, don’t know they are there or never search them out. I’ll just guess there’s one or more with your name on it. In fine gold script, it is there under the spiritual tree of righteousness that you are as a believer. Yes, right at your feet, so pick it up. Wear it, use it, display it. See the little silver boxes of redemption, redeem your time and lost desires, He restores them.

And the gold and the bows so neatly tied up with string, mine was package of pure white with a single red ribbon, and a note. Another one stayed on the shelf a while, but I put it to use again, I’m still finding out about gifts. The enemy, like a grinch stole many things from me, I imagine he has stolen from you as well.

Only God can restore, we may not even know how or when we cheated or stolen from or what we’ve lost. There are critics, I see them all the time, people quick to judge, some say that certain minister makes God out to be a Santa Claus. No, but there was a Saint Nicholas who did toss bags of money to save girls from slavery.

God is not Santa, but He gives good gifts, and you can’t return them. You shouldn’t want to. Though getting used to them may take a little time. He’s not the Easter bunny, hopping down the bunny trail with colored eggs, but He gave Hiis most beloved Son to die  for us and raised Him from the dead, so if you ask for an egg, you won’t get a snake.

He’s not the tooth fairy leaving you a coin under your pillow, but He helped a woman find her lost coin and looking lovingly on a widow’s mites as an offering He could bless and multiply. He sent Peter to get a coin from a fish’s mouth to pay taxes. He can help you in business.

He’s not even Superman. I used to try to think of Him that way to explain the crucifixion to myself. I couldn’t bear the thought of Him suffering for me. I thought because He was God it could not have hurt Him like a person. But I was young, the more I studied the Word and the deeper I got into it, I knew. He was all God, and obeyed what He heard God say, did as He was told, obedient to death. Only the Son of God, pure love could have come down from heaven and suffered so much with out dying in the garden, or from the beatings, much less the crucufixion.

He felt it, He took it, He bore it in His body, all that is accounted in Isaiah 53. He was a man of sorrows. He bled, sweated, cried and died the most gruesome death ever. And He forgave us, saved us and loved us and still wants to freely gives gifts to us that will glorify Him and His Kingdom.

Would you refuse a gift presented by a man whose beard was plucked for you? Whose hands were scarred? Who can still smile and say I love you through it all? I don’t think so, I can’t. I just love Him so much. Open you gifts. Rebecca Jones

Intentionally Pursuing


A Place For You


A place has been set for you. It is waiting. It is beautifully decorated, a plate of fine china, a glass for new wine pured by the Lord. It is waiting for a heavenly host of angels to serve the finest meal the most wonderful banquet.

Have you accepted His invitation? Oh, it doesn’t come in the mail or isn’t even one of those hand delivered ones on a silver tray by a servant handed to you by a gentleman wearing a white glove. No this one is personal. It is deeply personal. It is from the perfect man, the perfect bridegroom

It is one from the heart. It is heart to heart. Have you let Him in. He loves you and wants you to becomes His beloved. The bride as whole is His church. He will welcome us one day soon when He Raptures the church to heaven. Maybe, you have never heard of that. It is the time before a Great Tribulation on the earth. Someone may have even said it is not true. There are those who teach that has already passed, that we are in it or will go through it. I will not argue, but these are not sound theories.

Jesus promised that there would be a catching away. You will join Him if you are a believer, and after seven years in heaven, He returns to set up His Kingdom on earth, for a thousand years, this is referred to as the Millenial Reign. The devil will be loosed a season. People will unfortunately follow him. He will be thrown into the lake of fire. After these judgements, eternity.

It will be quick, sudden, like a thief in the night. Or better still like the bridgroom coming for the bride in the night according to Jewish tradition. Our oil must not run out, it must be kept burning with Holy Spirit fire by His grace.

You place is ready at the greatest event ever. The Savior asks you to join Him personally. You’re invited. Jesus loves and died for you, will accept His love? Rebecca Jones


Forgetting Heaven


I recently read a story on another blog. Having worked with children and being a Christian I believe it completely.  A little girl went to the baby’s crib as the mother had already laid the baby down to sleep for the night, she stood at the door to listen to the conversation. She said to the baby, ” Tell me about heaven, I’m starting to forget. ”

Surely, we know babies are a gift from God. He even says He knew us before we were born and knit us together in the womb, so as little spirits, we must start out remembering God, nothing but pure love. We know the safety of our mother’s womb, we are carried in love, our mothers may have sung to us talked to us or read the Bible. And then you’re born.

It is  a shock! We start crying! Babies get passed around and a lot of love and attention. They can remember heaven. Even the crying nights of hunger and nappies. They remember, I can personally say that I have heard two six month olds say, Jesus. One as I held him over my shoulder. I can truly say I had chills, was He right behind me. I also watched him play blocks with someone I could not see, an angel.

This particular little boy is one I had prayed for, his mother had had a miscarriage and he was next, the joy of my life. He was perfect, and he was a good boy. He would sing and praise even at a year old. I sowed Jesus into him, it really took root. I kept him until he went to school, I haven’t seen him in a while but I know he’s still a good young man at 21, how? Because of Jesus. He will remember heaven and carry it in his heart forever.

Other children I kept blossomed as well. But what about those whose mothers didn’t sing, pray or read the Bible, who didn’t sow? Maybe, they sowed bad seed. I don’t believe God makes mistakes, children are not born bad, only with the taint of Adam’s sin. They know about God, they remember heaven. But there is an enemy who is also not a respecter of persons. The devil does prey on children. It is important to pray and plead the blood over them.

Pets are also sensitive to spirits. I watched my nearly blind poodle look lovingly into the air. She was watching something or someone way over my head and wagging her tail. I read about a woman who dreamed an angel took her dog. When she awoke, her beloved  old pet had indeed died. But what a blessing, was her dream. As hard as that is and the pet decisions we make, how much more are the children close to the Father’s heart?

Children need to remember heaven. They may not always want to read Bible stories, but there are Christian coloring pages, music. The best example will be the parent. But for those who don’t have someone stand in the gap for them, they are like lost little lambs who need to be fed.

Don’t be surprised at their defiance, rebellion, the ADHD, ODD, I ‘ve seen children resistant to hearing about God. They can’t remember heaven, and just because babies come from there, they still must  receive Christ as Lord and repent of sin.

So sow the good in them and trust in the Proverb that they will not depart. It is a shame some never know or accept His love. Pray for your chidren to remember heaven, it was His will to bring heaven to earth. He said as much in the Lord’s prayer. Rebecca Jones

See that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that their angels in heaven continually see the face of My Father who is in heaven. Matthew 18:10.

I believe this verse is also applicable to believers, ministers, God sees us as His children. It is important to watch what you say. Even if you disgree with someones theology or politics, it is better not to condemn, but explain your point of view and leave it at that, agree to disagree. Rebecca Jones


Remembering Heaven


We all forget things, once in a while. Where are my keys? Glasses? Where’d I park my car? That’s not unusal, it happens. But memory loss is a terrible thing. I watched my great aunt after a stroke. She didn’t know who I was at all. Now, her daughter is going through the same thing. She phoned me on a Saturday, and then on a Wednesday with the same word for word conversation. She doesn’t remember that I moved.

I’ve seen it happen in my mother, for different reasons and to a different degree. My aunt has trouble recalling things. I am concerned and I have a prayer from the Lord to combat that enemy. And it is an enemy, just like fear, and anger, the frustration that builds from not remembering what you’d like to, not being to communicate.

I read that Kenneth Hagin, a preacher,started losing his memory, then he realized he’d read an article and had just taken in that as fact, you lose memory with age. That was not God’s idea at all. Another minister Smith Wigglesworth, would not allow even a newspaper in his house, he only read the Bible, and he couldn’t read, the Holy Spirit taught him. So what you fill you mind with or feed on is a factor. Puzzles anf coloring are stress releases, a good family show or movie. But fill it with violence and constant racing, no wonder we don’t sleep.

We are to think good thoughts, don’t stew on past events. Don’t hold someone hostage with anger, they’re walking around free and you have the problem. Be mindful of other people’s feelings, pray for one another. I know Alzheimer’s and dementia are diseases, but don’t give the devil any door into your mind, will or emotions, your soul. Rebecca Jones

I agree with you today if you have a loved one suffering from any malady, the prayer the Lord laid on my heart today…..

Remember! Remember heaven and the God who created you. Remember what it is like to be completely loved, remember the peace, the praise. Remember, that you are my child, I will not leave you. I love you. Remember, there is joy in my prescence. Remember!