Really Let Jesus In, Trust Your Heart


Really Let Jesus In, are we seeing the real Jesus or just what others have told us, ministered to us, what we want Him to be. When Peter had revelaton of Him being the Christ, it made a difference. And the enemy went after Peter. The disciples probably would have liked for Him to start a revolt and take over as King but His Kingdom is not of this world, it is in us as believers.

So do we see Him for who He really is, the Son of God, a sacrifice for all, do we see Him as a healer, deliverer? A constant companion who is closer than abrother? A confidant, advocate? Do we see Him able to help us move mountains? Pray for the sick? Win people to Him?

Is our field of vision narrowed by blinders and limiting Him to a cross, whereby we are saved? Or do we see Him all powerful and resurrected, seated at the right hand of God, aware of our problems, listening to our prayers, praying for us.

I don’t know about you, but I need the prayers Jesus prays. And the Holy Spirit helps us pray when we don’t know how, even moans and groans or praying in the Spirit. God knows everything and I don’t. I’m liable to make snap judgements, go by my feelings or that it seems like a good idea. But He is able, just and righteous. He will not lie or decieve, He keeps His promise. But when we walk in the Spirit and trust in Him, we can trust our heart and follow it because the Holy Spirit wll help us, He is never deceived and will not allow to be if we submit ourselves to God.

So let’s really let Jesus in, into our hearts and souls and minds and let Him into our thoughts and actions, into our eyes and ears. Let’s see Him for the love He is and hear His words and heed them. We all go through that is it me or God kind of thing but the more you trust Him , the more He teaches you, the more your grow and you will learn to discern. Rebecca Jones

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