Preparing Your Heart


God is ready to prepare our hearts, are we? Just as a bride makes preparations for her wedding so must we all make preparations in order to receive from God. We must believe and  be born again. We must receive His Spirit. we must follow after love and desire spiritual gives. We must learn discernment, and how to become a woman of wisdom.

We search out how do do all these things and we look to Him for answers, He has them. We are tired from daily life, trying so hard to be good wives, mothers, friends and caregivers that we are losing the joy of being the beloved. Cares of the world seeped in. We wanted to do other things and set God aside after all we are just being good stewards, doing our jobs taking care of our families, but if we leave Him out, we leave ourselves out.

This wedding is more important for it is to the beloved bridegroom and we want to be ready to walk the aisle to the to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. We are in the season of Teshuvah, repentence, reflection. Soon, the Day of Atonement will be here and the Jewish New Year. Rosh Hashanah, 5777.

So please set aside each day to reflect and repent if need be, all that really means is to change your mind and go the other way. God will change our hearts. A Pinterest friend of mine is also a minister and is leading a fast beginning on 9/12 to 10/3. It’s 21 days.

You’re invited to join us! Let God prepare your heart to recieve from Him in His New Year. It’s not that hard if you let Him help you. It is not a full fast! Just give up one meal a day, some social media time, at least an hour a day, television, desserts. And not just some old show you wouldn’t watch anyway, remember God gave us His best.

My mother once did a 21 day, Daniel’s fast. It is more vegeterian. I tried a three day complete one once. Ugh! I thought I die! How did Jesus go forty days? I ended up with a glass of grape juice and a piece of bread at the end of the day, calling it Communion.

This was something stupid, I did myself. But now fasting is easier for me, I am sort of on my own time at the moment, so I don’t have to get up early. Breakfast is out completely most days unless its something to drink or  a protein bar. I don’t eat lunch until the afternoon so I made the decision to fast until 3 o’clock. Food only. I intend to give up Pinterest also a day here or there, or maybe a week, because I do post on Christian boards. television is not a problem.

I chose that time on purpose because Jesus was crucified at the ninth hour, 3p.m. Take time to pray about it and prepare especially if you have a family you cook for. If you get up and go to work, have you tea or coffee and something at say, five ’til six. if you can go til three, great, take that protein bar with you, drink water. Coffee drinkers may want to fast that. It does have to hurt a little so you’ll know you’re even doing it, but God is gracious, He knows when we try, so just do your best.

Don’t forget to spend some time with Him, if you’re not on the internet pick up the Bible. And don’t tell everyone. Don’t ever do it  for show like the Pharisees. Or for the wrong reasons. It’s not a diet or just to get something, its an offering. So put on your perfume and smile, no one has to know unless they are a believer who is joining you or someone who would understand.

So if your tired, weary or burdened, facing a crisis and need an answer. God wants to put us back in bridal mode, and refresh us. Let’s go, fast! I had to say it, sorry, Lord. Please don’t fast medications or food if you have a medical condition, pick something else.

But let’s prepare to let God prepare our hearts…resting in His grace. Rebecca Jones

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