Practicing His Presence


I wasn’t used to hearing this phrase. I never knew what it meant. Praying in the Spirit was new to me, soaking in worship or healing music. But I needed to. I needed healing. I needed peace. I wanted to feel better, physically, mentally, spiritually.

I had over come so much by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of my testimony. Yet, there were things I was missing. Desperately, missing. Only Jesus could fill this void, restore and satisfy my soul. But it takes practice. Ineeded the sience and stillness and peace of God, His rest for my soul.

It takes practicing His presence daily, moment by moment if necessary, as much as you need to dispel the enemies attacks. Our minds are not always the battlefields, he has traps set through other people and knows how and when to spring them.

If we stay in the rest of faith, and we confess our righteousness only by Jesus, fear isn’t able to overpower our souls as easily. Soak in your tub of grace and let anointed bubbles of worship fill the room, even if there is no music. Let Jesus’ love for you permeate the atmosphere with His mighty prescence. He is the Prince of Peace.

His children deserve peace and we will have peace if we let the Prince of Peace reign over us. Speak His peace to your situations, His Peace is greater, speak peace to you family and to your children and to your own heart.

Let peaceful thoughts rule your mind, peaceful verses and above love yourself enough to practice His prescence and let Him love you. Oh, the enemy comes, but he’s no match, for Jesus, for greater is He that is in us. Rebecca Jones


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