See What God Sees


Take a good long look. What do you see? Do you like what you see? Most of have complaints about ourselves. It’s easy to get make up, change your hair color or grow it out, cut it, braid it or what ever. Not too difficult to find a new outfit, or mix and match old ones from the closet. New shoes just make our day!

But most of us would say were are too fat, skinny, tall or short. I have freckles or my ears are too big. I kept a little girl at daycare whose mother had her ears pinned back surgically.  What we think of ourselves, isn’t what God sees. He sees you as believer in Christ, a masterpiece of His creating, perfect in Jesus. He is aware of our faults as humans, that ‘s why He sent Jesus to die for us..

And here we sit  complaining about some perceived abnormality. My ears are too big, I look like Dumbo. Cut it out, pray for the deaf. My neck is long, I look like a giraffe. No you don’t! Swans and dancers are graceful and have long necks. Nobody cares about me. Wrong again, Jesus came to seek and save the lost. Most of us have someone else that is happy to criticize and ridicule, don’t let that bother you, the enemy seeks out who he can devour. For God’s sake, don’t help him!

See what God sees, a daughter of the King, blessed, highly favored and deeply loved, endowed by  her Creator with gifts and talents to use for His glory. See a virtuous woman who loves her family and sows Jesus into them, not by dragging them to church every time the door is open but by her words and ways, the praise she offers the Lord during the day. Sing when there is no music, praise not for an audience but for the Alpha and Omega, who is writing your life story as you speak, His perfect will is a manuscript with a happy ending.

But as every writer knows there are layers to stories and sometimes different out comies. Are you a heroine who talks about herself as though she was the villain, are you Dorothy or the Wicked Witch of the West? What do you see? I used to talk to people and they tell me how fat they were, whether they really were or not. That hurt me as I was heavy. But maybe they didn’t see me that way, God surely didn’t. He saw my love. How I loved to write and how I loved to help people by doing that.

He kept my tears in His bottle and remembered every prayer, and He sowed a love of Jesus in me. That’s what He saw, His masterpiece. Knit together, known before I was born, His friend, His bride and His beloved. That’s what He saw and that’s what He wants me to see and wants me to tell you to see. Rebecca Jones

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