No More Crumbs


I recently read about a lady stuggling with a mental disorder, her mother’s accident, her children needing her and her husband.  She said she felt like she was getting crumbs from the Master’s table. pastor Rod Parsley has a book called No More Crumbs.

So let’s look at the Bible story. Jesus was walking with the disciples when a Canaanite woman began to follow asking Him to heal her daughter. She chased them, the disciples were annoyed and wanted her to leave, she called Him Son of David but was not a Jew.  She even knelt before Him. Three times she was ignored.

Jesus told her it wasn’t fitting to give the children’s bread, ( Himself, healing, the Word ) to the dogs. She persisted that even the dogs get the crumbs from the Master’s table. And she was right. She dropped her pretense of  Judaism, referring to Him as the Son of David. When she knelt before Him and said Lord help me. He praised her faith as being great and restored her daughter.

She was also not offended by the dog reference, Jesus told her He was sent to the lost sheep of Israel. Aren’t you glad the gospel came to the Gentiles?  Jesus was not being flippant or accusing. He was serious, He knew what she was asking. She was pretending to be something she was not. She was asking amiss.

And while the dog reference was not meant to be unkind, it evoked a response. I looked up the Greek, it is dog but knowing Jesus I do believe it is more like puppy. He wanted to get her to drop the act and ask the right way. Her daughter’s demon may or may not have been pride, but she was bordering on it. But she is one of two people that He considers to have great faith. the other the centurion, neither are Jewish but showed a strong  belief in His power.

The Hebrew word for dog is kelev or keleb, it where the name Caleb comes from, also meaning faithful. And see the lev, that’s heart. He knew people would love their dogs.Never let someone tell you they don’t go to heaven. The Lord loves us and He would never let our eternal home not be filled with beloved pets.

As to the woman who felt that during her trials all she got was crumbs, crumbs of grace, maybe so. But let’s not be proud or pretenders, let’s not havea martyr complex or pity parties, it never works and you are the only one invited unless you find yourself in miserable company. Maybe misery does love company. But Jesus loves us miserable or not.

So let’s love Him and ask the right way, approach the throne boldly as daughter of the king. He robed us with His righteousness not to be proud and arrogant but peaceful and abundating in grace, mercy and love. And in joy. He longs to give us great joy. It is in His presence.

Praying in the Spirit also guarantees the perfect prayers. It is praying His perfect will. Let’s give our dogs the crumbs and eat at the Master’s table and be filled and satisfied forever in His love. No more crumbs. Rebecca Jones




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