Room For One More


In many ways we are headed toward the marriage Supper of the Lamb. In Matthew 22 Jesus tells the parable of the king who throws a wedding feast for his son. Those invited don’t come, the servants go out and ar murdered. the angry king has the murderers killed. He then tells other servants to too the highway and invite any to come to the feast, they’re given wedding garments. One is found without a garment the angry king has him bound and put into outer darkness.

Jesus is great at story telling isn’t He? Most people don’t understand. The Jews didn’t. God is preparing that feast for His Son, He was angry when the prophets were killed. He was angry that Jesus would be treated so cruelly, but knew He was the sacrifice for all. Many people died because Jesus was not accepted as the Messiah then, God allows destruction though it is not His will.

So from the Jews to the Gentiles, the gospel was passed and preached and He does have a plan to restore the Jews back into the Covenant. Those invited were not worthy. None of us are. God could have simply allowed everyone to go to hell, but He loved us too much to do that, instead sacrificing His beloved Son.

We are made righteous only by Jesus death on the cross. He knew no sin, but became that for us. He bought and paid for our robes of righteousness, our wedding garments, if you will accept it and Him as Lord.

Indeed the gospel has been preached to most of the world, only in a few places where Islam will not allow it and remote places. Even countries that may not allow evangelism have been visited by Christians or missionaries at one time or another. Rich, poor, young and old have heard Jesus Loves Me. Sinners have been made saints by His precious blood.

We are redeemed by the blood of the Lamb and our garments are spotless and white preparing for the feast. Yet, one got in among the crowd, who did not have a rob and put into outer darkness. These are hypocritacal people who are only pretenders when it comes Jesus, they never knew Him as Lord. There are those who are self righteous, but our righteousness is as filthy rags.

We are not born again or saved by our works or self righteousness. That is filthy rags. But we are robed in His righeousness as believers and have eternal life with no fear of hell or outer darkness. How are we? By faith, by confessing Jesus as Lord and Savior and being filled or baptized with His Spirit. We must believe He paid the price for ours sins, and gave us eternal life and purpose to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit. We must believe He was raised from the dead and is in heaven, making intercesson or praying for us.

Many are called but few are chosen. Indeed, He has called many and they have not accepted His call. Few are chosen, He says He chose us from the foundation of the world. that is true, He chooses certain people for certain things if they accept His gifts. Don’t let people lead you astray with this verse. I had a lady tell me salvation was only for the people He chose from the start.

I totally disagree. If that were true, why send out people to preach the gospel to all the nations? Wouldn’t that be a waste of time? Why send the servants to invite any and all, good or bad to the marriage feast? God is corporal, meaning He does things in order. He’s smarter that we are! He called every at sometime to accept Jesus as Lord. Did they accept? Not always.

Did He choose people? Most assuredly. Like end times Esthers, we are here for such a time as this, so as a believer know you ready and righteous, walking in white. Invite everyone you can to be robed in His righeousness by salvation. He wants His table full, it is an endless one, spanning heaven’s breath.

And there’s always room for one more. Rebecca Jones


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