A Table Before My Enemies


Are your having a hard time? A bad day? Are you a believer? If you are, then you understand how the enemy throws those fiery darts at you. Oh, our arsenal is full of weapons. Praying in the Spirit is the most powerful.

But you can have peace in your heart regardless of your circumstances. Do you know why? Jesus left you His peace and it is palatable in spite of any foe that rears it’s head, He’s clearly the winner in this and He is preparing a table for you in the prescence of your enemies. Right now, He is.

Are you prepared? Well get ready. He leads us by the still waters and restores our souls. We need restoring, I know I do. I want to be be seated by the still waters and fill my plate will cool fresh fruit, a crisp salad, a chopped steak and a baked potato. What will you have?

And these wine glasses, how about some non alcoholic champagne? A spot of tea? Or iced tea, like we Southerners drink. Iced tea for those who may not know is Southern champagne.

The enemies are cringing, quaking in their boots. The Lord is near, His deliverance is there from every snare of the fowler. So come on, walk with the Lord beside peaceful waters and be refreshed by the sea air and the spray that mists over us like a fine silk spun by the the Holy Spirit.

He prepares a table before me in the prescence of my enemies, He anoints my head with oil. ….from Psalm 23. Rebecca Jones


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