Stop Looking At People!


I said stop looking at people, and start looking at Jesus! Hebrews 2:12 tells us that but what do we do? We look at every one else and their situations. Who’s got this or that. Who’s doing what with who,the latest fads or trends, keeping up with social media and people we don’t even know, not that I don’t consider you a  friend. If you are a believer, I prefer you even, if I can bless you, take a load off, or just give you a laugh, that’s great.

I don’t want to hammer you over the head with God, that’s not Good News but sometimes we a need a little Godly TLC to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start over. It’s grace, a gift from the Prince of Peace and it’s new every morning. I got very little sleep last night, it’s been one of those days. Storms are firing up in the afternoon Georgia heat, that’s kept me in the cool air conditioning blogging this summer. It was hot, I limited my time in the sun, but not in the Son.

Today, is a day to run on Jesus. But Jesus isn’t the one who wants to keep us hopping and driving ourselves crazy. He is the Prince of Peace who left us His peace, after all. For Heaven’s sake. Let’s quit looking around at other people’s problems and focus on Jesus Christ our Lord.

He carried our burdens, sickness and shame. Let’s make time for Him, give Him priority, include Him in everything, Let Him have breakfast, lunch and dinner with us. Take Him shoe shopping and to the grocery store. Sing to Him and praise Him. Who cares what people think? You don’t have to tell them everything about everything. No one but Jesus knows what’s in your alabaster box.

He gives us grace freely and keeps us going, not like the energizer batteries, but with faith, hope and love and love is the greatest. His love is the greatest and He wants us to rest in Him. Let’s rest in Him tonight. Be blessed by my extra little post. I need a nap! 🙂 Rebecca Jones


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