Open Your Gifts


Therefore you do not lack any spiritual gift as you eagerly wait for our Lord Jesus Christ to be revealed. 1 Corinthians 1:7

We really don’t lack any spiritual gift as we wait for Jesus to be revealed or for His coming or even as He shows us His plans for our lives. What a beautiful thought. And we know God is a loving and giving Abba, who spared not His own son. He gives many gifts, gifts of the Spirit, tongues, working miracles, even. Lots of gifts, grace upon grace. He has stacked on the packages.

But have you opened them all? Well, go ahead. I should have posted this in July so it’d be Christmas in July. I can’t wait until December. So look at where we are, in the Jewish High Holy Days, rather just before. Waiting until the New Year, October 3rd, Rosh Hashanah, and the year 5777. Isn’t that a great number.

God is a giver and He has appointed times. But He gives gifts all the time, every day. Every breath, every heartbeat. The sunset and butterflies. That parking space close to the mall. Little things like the smell of puppy breath or baby shampoo in newborn’s hair. Big things like a new job, a house or car or better still health restored, a financial burden lifted. Or merely an unexpected blessing.

Have you ever seen those sad stories where some one has died and people leave their unopened Christmas gifts unopened? Maybe a missing child? Or custody battles, when someone finds out their father did send them gifts every year for their birthday and their mother just put them aside. Even the popular television show Monk, about the OCD detective, he kept his wife’s gift seven years before finding out it was the key to her murder and that she had a daughter he didn’t know about. Sad. Wasted time, talents and gifts.

We don’t want to be like that! Open your gifts, they may be large or small but don’t be like the people who don’t open them, don’t know they are there or never search them out. I’ll just guess there’s one or more with your name on it. In fine gold script, it is there under the spiritual tree of righteousness that you are as a believer. Yes, right at your feet, so pick it up. Wear it, use it, display it. See the little silver boxes of redemption, redeem your time and lost desires, He restores them.

And the gold and the bows so neatly tied up with string, mine was package of pure white with a single red ribbon, and a note. Another one stayed on the shelf a while, but I put it to use again, I’m still finding out about gifts. The enemy, like a grinch stole many things from me, I imagine he has stolen from you as well.

Only God can restore, we may not even know how or when we cheated or stolen from or what we’ve lost. There are critics, I see them all the time, people quick to judge, some say that certain minister makes God out to be a Santa Claus. No, but there was a Saint Nicholas who did toss bags of money to save girls from slavery.

God is not Santa, but He gives good gifts, and you can’t return them. You shouldn’t want to. Though getting used to them may take a little time. He’s not the Easter bunny, hopping down the bunny trail with colored eggs, but He gave Hiis most beloved Son to die  for us and raised Him from the dead, so if you ask for an egg, you won’t get a snake.

He’s not the tooth fairy leaving you a coin under your pillow, but He helped a woman find her lost coin and looking lovingly on a widow’s mites as an offering He could bless and multiply. He sent Peter to get a coin from a fish’s mouth to pay taxes. He can help you in business.

He’s not even Superman. I used to try to think of Him that way to explain the crucifixion to myself. I couldn’t bear the thought of Him suffering for me. I thought because He was God it could not have hurt Him like a person. But I was young, the more I studied the Word and the deeper I got into it, I knew. He was all God, and obeyed what He heard God say, did as He was told, obedient to death. Only the Son of God, pure love could have come down from heaven and suffered so much with out dying in the garden, or from the beatings, much less the crucufixion.

He felt it, He took it, He bore it in His body, all that is accounted in Isaiah 53. He was a man of sorrows. He bled, sweated, cried and died the most gruesome death ever. And He forgave us, saved us and loved us and still wants to freely gives gifts to us that will glorify Him and His Kingdom.

Would you refuse a gift presented by a man whose beard was plucked for you? Whose hands were scarred? Who can still smile and say I love you through it all? I don’t think so, I can’t. I just love Him so much. Open you gifts. Rebecca Jones

Intentionally Pursuing



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