A Place For You


A place has been set for you. It is waiting. It is beautifully decorated, a plate of fine china, a glass for new wine pured by the Lord. It is waiting for a heavenly host of angels to serve the finest meal the most wonderful banquet.

Have you accepted His invitation? Oh, it doesn’t come in the mail or isn’t even one of those hand delivered ones on a silver tray by a servant handed to you by a gentleman wearing a white glove. No this one is personal. It is deeply personal. It is from the perfect man, the perfect bridegroom

It is one from the heart. It is heart to heart. Have you let Him in. He loves you and wants you to becomes His beloved. The bride as whole is His church. He will welcome us one day soon when He Raptures the church to heaven. Maybe, you have never heard of that. It is the time before a Great Tribulation on the earth. Someone may have even said it is not true. There are those who teach that has already passed, that we are in it or will go through it. I will not argue, but these are not sound theories.

Jesus promised that there would be a catching away. You will join Him if you are a believer, and after seven years in heaven, He returns to set up His Kingdom on earth, for a thousand years, this is referred to as the Millenial Reign. The devil will be loosed a season. People will unfortunately follow him. He will be thrown into the lake of fire. After these judgements, eternity.

It will be quick, sudden, like a thief in the night. Or better still like the bridgroom coming for the bride in the night according to Jewish tradition. Our oil must not run out, it must be kept burning with Holy Spirit fire by His grace.

You place is ready at the greatest event ever. The Savior asks you to join Him personally. You’re invited. Jesus loves and died for you, will accept His love? Rebecca Jones



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