Forgetting Heaven


I recently read a story on another blog. Having worked with children and being a Christian I believe it completely.  A little girl went to the baby’s crib as the mother had already laid the baby down to sleep for the night, she stood at the door to listen to the conversation. She said to the baby, ” Tell me about heaven, I’m starting to forget. ”

Surely, we know babies are a gift from God. He even says He knew us before we were born and knit us together in the womb, so as little spirits, we must start out remembering God, nothing but pure love. We know the safety of our mother’s womb, we are carried in love, our mothers may have sung to us talked to us or read the Bible. And then you’re born.

It is  a shock! We start crying! Babies get passed around and a lot of love and attention. They can remember heaven. Even the crying nights of hunger and nappies. They remember, I can personally say that I have heard two six month olds say, Jesus. One as I held him over my shoulder. I can truly say I had chills, was He right behind me. I also watched him play blocks with someone I could not see, an angel.

This particular little boy is one I had prayed for, his mother had had a miscarriage and he was next, the joy of my life. He was perfect, and he was a good boy. He would sing and praise even at a year old. I sowed Jesus into him, it really took root. I kept him until he went to school, I haven’t seen him in a while but I know he’s still a good young man at 21, how? Because of Jesus. He will remember heaven and carry it in his heart forever.

Other children I kept blossomed as well. But what about those whose mothers didn’t sing, pray or read the Bible, who didn’t sow? Maybe, they sowed bad seed. I don’t believe God makes mistakes, children are not born bad, only with the taint of Adam’s sin. They know about God, they remember heaven. But there is an enemy who is also not a respecter of persons. The devil does prey on children. It is important to pray and plead the blood over them.

Pets are also sensitive to spirits. I watched my nearly blind poodle look lovingly into the air. She was watching something or someone way over my head and wagging her tail. I read about a woman who dreamed an angel took her dog. When she awoke, her beloved  old pet had indeed died. But what a blessing, was her dream. As hard as that is and the pet decisions we make, how much more are the children close to the Father’s heart?

Children need to remember heaven. They may not always want to read Bible stories, but there are Christian coloring pages, music. The best example will be the parent. But for those who don’t have someone stand in the gap for them, they are like lost little lambs who need to be fed.

Don’t be surprised at their defiance, rebellion, the ADHD, ODD, I ‘ve seen children resistant to hearing about God. They can’t remember heaven, and just because babies come from there, they still must  receive Christ as Lord and repent of sin.

So sow the good in them and trust in the Proverb that they will not depart. It is a shame some never know or accept His love. Pray for your chidren to remember heaven, it was His will to bring heaven to earth. He said as much in the Lord’s prayer. Rebecca Jones

See that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that their angels in heaven continually see the face of My Father who is in heaven. Matthew 18:10.

I believe this verse is also applicable to believers, ministers, God sees us as His children. It is important to watch what you say. Even if you disgree with someones theology or politics, it is better not to condemn, but explain your point of view and leave it at that, agree to disagree. Rebecca Jones



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