Remembering Heaven


We all forget things, once in a while. Where are my keys? Glasses? Where’d I park my car? That’s not unusal, it happens. But memory loss is a terrible thing. I watched my great aunt after a stroke. She didn’t know who I was at all. Now, her daughter is going through the same thing. She phoned me on a Saturday, and then on a Wednesday with the same word for word conversation. She doesn’t remember that I moved.

I’ve seen it happen in my mother, for different reasons and to a different degree. My aunt has trouble recalling things. I am concerned and I have a prayer from the Lord to combat that enemy. And it is an enemy, just like fear, and anger, the frustration that builds from not remembering what you’d like to, not being to communicate.

I read that Kenneth Hagin, a preacher,started losing his memory, then he realized he’d read an article and had just taken in that as fact, you lose memory with age. That was not God’s idea at all. Another minister Smith Wigglesworth, would not allow even a newspaper in his house, he only read the Bible, and he couldn’t read, the Holy Spirit taught him. So what you fill you mind with or feed on is a factor. Puzzles anf coloring are stress releases, a good family show or movie. But fill it with violence and constant racing, no wonder we don’t sleep.

We are to think good thoughts, don’t stew on past events. Don’t hold someone hostage with anger, they’re walking around free and you have the problem. Be mindful of other people’s feelings, pray for one another. I know Alzheimer’s and dementia are diseases, but don’t give the devil any door into your mind, will or emotions, your soul. Rebecca Jones

I agree with you today if you have a loved one suffering from any malady, the prayer the Lord laid on my heart today…..

Remember! Remember heaven and the God who created you. Remember what it is like to be completely loved, remember the peace, the praise. Remember, that you are my child, I will not leave you. I love you. Remember, there is joy in my prescence. Remember!



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