The Full Armor of God


Like most people, I’m a visual person. Men are particularly visual, they will chase beauty even with terrible consequences, and some women too. Looks can be very decieving, like God we should strive to see a person from their heart. I like to make faith as simple as possible. It is easy for someone skilled in His Word to overpower unbelievers or believers who are not as mature or studious. Admittedly, I have felt like a kindergartener in a calculus class with my hear in the proverbial blender.

Now that I’m Bible smart or at least Bible smarter. I try to be clear to help peopel understand. Ephesians 4:24 tells us to put onn the whole armor of God so that we can stand against the wiles of the devil. Imagine that! I know you’re picturing a suit of armor, or maybe a knight on a horse with his jousting lance charging another knight in an arema.

Maybe, you thought of King Arthur or Sir Lancelot, a knight off to slay yon dragon, the devil and save fair maiden from his clutches. Okay, you’ve got the picture. Now let’s look at it in the Spirit. The Lord allows glimpses into the Spirit, dreams and visions, and praying in the spirit, if you experience the baptism of fire and the gifts of the Spirit.

Now, in the natural, we may get up and picture ourselves putting on a suit of armor, helmet of salvation and so on. But the devil will see us according to our faith, he will exploit the cracks in the armor. He can slip and slide and squirm his way in, you lift that helmet lid sometimes, and you squeak and creak and get a bit rusty, walking in all that heavy equipment. Maybe you take it off a while, or forgot a piece because you were in a hurry.

No problem. The Holy Spirit has you covered head to toe if you know how to practice His presenceand walk in Him.The devils sees Him and that glory all over you. He can’t get in, so don’t give him a place. The helmet of salvation is the mind of Christ, renewed everyday, the breastplate of righteousness is sown into our heart by Jesus who knew no sin but became sin to make us righteous. Our shoes are the gospel of peace. We have the shield of faith which is God, above all, who is a sun and shield. Jesus whose name is above all names. And our sword of the Spirit, sharp two edged, cutting to the bone. We’re ready for battle, just get up and pray and go face the world. Ready for battle if necessary, fighting the good fight of faith but letting God before us. We are assured victory.

When David faced Goliath, He put on the King’s armor, but it was to heavy, under the New Covenant we put on the Holy Spirit, the King of King’s armor, and walk in power. But His armor isn’t too heavy, His yole is easy and His burden light. David slew a giant, by the Spirit coming upon Him. Why aren’t we conquering? After all, He lives in us. Rebecca Jones


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