Beholding Beauty


We like beautiful things don’t we? Clothes, purses, jewelry. We like for our homes to be decorated and furnished with nice things. We all have a favorite painting, even if it’s not museum quality. A vase, a lamp, a figurine.  We put on our lipsticks and shadow. We perfume and powder. We love beautiful things as women.

Most of us like it spotless, our home. It’s not always that ways is it? Laundry and lost socks, dishes dirty and pots and pans, pasta sticking to them. Feed the dog, wash the car, mow the lawn, get the groceries, the list goes on.

Our desire for beauty is not always a selfish one. Though one could just keep Jesus to herself, He must be shared, for as a believer our desire for beauty is from the Prince of Peace, Himself, who is altogether lovely, and His bride is spotless. We can’t be in the natural but that’s the God wants us to see ourselves in the reflection His Son.

Wanting to provide for us, He is our Shepherd. As believers, we litttle ewes that follow and look up to Him and adore Him, because He loves and protects us. Like my Yorkie follows me, looking up, like a child. Like the Samaritan woman whose daughter was healed when she dropped her Jewish pretense. Jesus called her a puppy. He gave His life for His sheep. We are not greedy but giving, not selfish but selfless, not takers but givers. Our possessions are only a part of our lives, we own them, they do not own us.

I grew up around people who were of the opinion that God didn’t prosper people. Yet, He does, He gave up His Son. Jesus gave up heaven, for a manger and cross, no less. He was poor for me to be blessed and I praise Him for that.

It is not just “spiritual ” but it is love, joy, and peace. He prospers what I do, all my efforts for Him as I rest in His completed work. I have a few a paintings, not expensive, I’ve seen a few more I’d like. Do I have a dream house? Sure! But it is still in His timing. The prosperity message comes under scrutiny, but it was Judas with his false sense of duty, who wanted to help the poor. He didn’t really.

Jesus said there would always be poor. Not every understands the good news of His kingdom, some take it out of context, twist the meaning to suit themselves. But He knows our hearts, He knows our intent, whether to squander like the prodigal or pay it back like Zaccheus or just to follow Him as the women of the New Testament did, they gave to the gospel.

When you are blessed, you want to give. He loves a cheerful bride, she may not be perfect but He is and she is complete in Him. He longs to love you, protect you, bless and guide you, you can talk to Him in the afternoon or middle of the night.

When we behold His beauty, we are forever changed, that is why we seek beauty. It is in His Word, in music and poetry, dance. It is in a laugh or smile or a gentle breese, in a cloud that looks like a feather floating in a blue sky, an angel artist’s paint brush. Look for beauty, desire it, look for the truth. His name is Jesus. Rebecca Jones


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