Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Devil?


Who’s afraid of the big bad devil? The truth is we all would be, but for Jesus. Thank you Lord, that we have not been given a Spirit of fear, which is your Holy Spirit. He has been  so gracious to give us His Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit who helps us overcome and be more than a conqueror.He’s our love and sound mind, the mind of Christ.

He’s there to comfort us when we cry. He gives sleep to the beloved, when we cast our cares on Jesus and enter His rest. He directs our paths, warns us with an inner knowing or what people will call an unction. Sometimes He will give you a prophetic word from a fellow believer or even a dream or vision. It is important to take care in interpreting them. Big bad will try to copy things, so avoid anything resembling occult practices.

I grew up in Baptist and Pentecostal teaching. I hardly ever heard of speaking in tongues or gifts of the Spirit. Most of the people I knew might be interested but not in things they weren’t taught or didn’t understand. It was long time until I learned of and received gifts, and it took time to learn to walk in them. But the Holy Spirit is your teacher and He will never deceive you or fail. He will brood over you and hover over you and protect you and your little basket of goodies on your journey through the woods of life. He makes sure you will arrive safely at Abba’s house, where Jesus prepared a place for you.

Remember Job feared greatly and made continual sacrifices to God for His children. Because of this God allowed the hedge, perhaps, an angelic one to be removed. God told Job that He was the only one who could take out the devil.  And He did, by restoring Job. Later, by sending His Son. The devil is an accuser with no authority to accuse if you are a believer. Jesus blood is in heaven now and he has no right to stand there now that we have a High Priest and a New Covenant that Jesus bought and paid for. Jesus prays for us, the Holy Spirit prays for us, and big bad just howls and huffs and puffs. He walks about as a roaring lion trying to imitate a king, but he is no king.  The prince of darkness doesn’t have a chance anymore, unless. we give him one, by opening a door to our soul. We must be careful what we do and see and say. We must surround ourselves with faith people. Even dealing with the sick and lost without a respite will bring a burnout, even caring for children.

We must learn to trust the Holy Spirit, don’t be afraid of His power, it is amazing. He is very generous and lavishes love on us as we rest in the Lord. He has overcome and will too, by His blood and our testimony. The Prince of Peace reigns.

Many people do not even believe in a devil, including the satanists who want an after school program to compete with the Good News club. Obviously intellintand caring  people believe his biggest lies, that he doesn’t exist, there is no hell, no God. They don’t want children to be taught of otherworldly horrors, to quote their leader. So what are they learning now with drugs and violence permeating society, promiscuity, child abuse?

A little Jesus loves me never hurt anyone, a lot of it is even better. If you love Him and keep his commandment to love, you won’t break the ten, which the Apostle Paul receiving revelation from Jesus called the ministry of death. How much more is there hope and salvation to those who can believe grace and truth came by Jesus. If you love Him, you will not abuse His grace and continuously sin. We have an advocate and we are reminded of His forgiveness. John 3:16 would go a long way.

I watched the new Goldilocks cartoon and big bad is comical, his real name they said was Aloicious. He devil has many names too, another way he wants to copy God. Beelzebub, lord of the flies. I’ll take the Lord of Lords.  Ha’satan, the accuser, the adversay. I’ll take the Advocate. Mephistofiles, oh yes, the Messiah is better.

Don’t try to aggravate him, argue with him, he’s better left ignored, for he cannot hurt you if you truly serve Jesus, he sends obstacles, interferes and enjoys instigating trouble. The Lord came with abundant life to give and he would, kill, steal and destroy. John 10:10. While most people are oppressed of the devil Acts 10:38, there are those who can be treated medically.The disciples could not cast out devils because of their unbelief. Others tried and got beaten up because they were not believers. Praying in tongues is a powerful weapon, it goes directly to God and the devil doesn’t understand this. That’s why he will attempt to scare people off it.

We may be fearful creatures because of Adam’s sin. But it is our flesh, not our Holy Spirit filled spirits that is prone to fear. Fear is torment, fear is the devil. Not caution or running from a snake but uncontollable fear. Thank God for Jesus, His love is all that overcomes it completely.  He gives us power to bind that enemy, so let’s do that and focus more on Jesus, our beautiful Lord. If the devil turned your world upside down, Jesus makes it right. And when the devil pops up with a lie, just keep walking in your righteous robe, the blood of Jesus covers you and you can say, in Jesus name, get behind me, bub! Rebecca Jones


Fear make the wolf appear larger than he is. German Proverb



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