He Took My Place


Know that you already have forgiveness of sins because Jesus was punished and condemned in your place! Ephesians 1:7

What amazing Lord. He took my place. We used to sing the song that says ” He paid a debt He did not owe. ” And He did!  He took public humiliation, disgrace, every imaginable thing and unimaginable and His sacrifice was over payment and we do it a disservice by not acting like we are loved and forgiven.

Everyone probably sins everyday. And He is faithful to forgive, most sins like these are of ommision, we forget to pray or maybe check up on someone. Maybe, it’s a white lie if there is such a thing and what if the cashier gave you five dolllars too much and you didn’t notice and never returned it. There are minor things we overlook. We get mad and sin, maybe go to bed that way. We are offended. It can be lots of ways.

But using God’s grace is not an excuse to sin willfully and keep claiming that you are saved and Spirit filled, the Holy Spirit may be there but you are allowing other spirits to control you.  There are many spirits we wrestle against. We all have temptations and spiritiual warfare. That is why we desperatley need the Holy Spirit and discernment.

It is as Liz Curtis Higgs tweeted, that we all got the death penalty and Jesus took our place. But it was more than that. Electrocution is brutal but doesn’t take long. Lethal injection seems terrible also because you sort of watch it and wait. The firing squad may be quick. Death is not glamourous, not beautiful, unless you go to sleep and wake with Jesus or are really old and ready to go to heaven. It was the last enemy Jesus defeated, it could not hold Him in hell talking our place.

Imagine taking everything for everyone and knowing that everyone may not believe in you or love you, but He knew some would. I read a suicide article and found it interesting. It did sort of glamorize the girl. And it wasn’t in any way. It was a tragic end to a young life. And if you don’t know Jesus an eternal death.

Don’t people realize, He took our place. Many of us are carrying things we were not meant to carry, crosses we were not meant to bear. Let us seek the Lord and rest in His peace, it is a much better alternative. Rebecca Jones


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