Don’t Look Back!



Ever wonder why Jesus chose to remind us of a woman who turned into a pilar of salt? He never misses a beat. Everything God does or Jesus in human form has a reason. The Bible is like an onion and you can peel back layers and find a story within a story, line upon line, precept upon precept, types and shadows. Jesus is revealed in the the Old Testament before He appears as a child.

Hebrew spellings have numerical values, God still works from a lunar calendar but it is not all gloom and doom like people would expect. Just don’t look back! He is coming! And He promised to pour out His Spirit in the latter days. Don’t quench the work He would do to complete His masterpiece ( you ) by looking back. Don’t turn to stone or stand like a statue in fear or shame. And don’t look back from your gifts and talents and callings. If you don’t know what it is, it’s coming, talk to Jesus.

Jesus also told us not put our hand to the plow and look back. He wants us to look ahead, to Him, not back at our past. Maybe our rows were crooked or maybe a little off, and may even straight as an arrow, but don’t look back! Finish what you start. And if you don’t have something going , start something. Stir the love of God in your soul.

Look ahead, He is the lifter of our head, so lift up your head redemption draws night.

Rebecca Jones / stock photo


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