I Am Sam


You get inspiration as a writer from everywhere. And sometimes you copy things, not on purpose, but with the same idea. In an attempt to write a great post, I borrowed Sam or the idea of naming the woman at the well from someone else. So that I’m not a total copycat, her name was actually, Mara, meaning, bitter waters.

Her waters were bitter, a woman with five husbands and living with another. She went to well, Jacob’s well. There’s even a backstory to why Jesus sat there. Those wells were filled in by enemies and had to be redug. We’ve all had stones thrown at us, our wells filled. Now living water sat upon it, ministering to a downtrodden woman about to change her life forever. Jesus had to go there. The disciples and everyone would have avoided them, the Samaritans, the Sams, the Maras. Jewish law allowed women to be passed on to a male relative, so whether she was a widow or a prostitute made no difference to Jesus.

Perhaps, she was alone there. Maybe she avoided confronting other women, it is amazing how cruel we can be, even in our own pretenses of piety, gossip finds a way in. I do my very best not to gossip. And honestly, I have let my opinions be known too, but  I really try to avoid that. Sometimes, I tell stories and say, you don’t know her or it’s not who you think, in order to relay a truth that will help someone, a lot of us have had the same problems and experiences as women. I have even talked to women who are probably much like this to no avail. Even reaching out to comfort and demonstrating the love of Jesus, I have been met with a cold indifference. That’s when you feel as if your strand of pearls of great price are broken and rolling toward the pig sty, you pick them up and are more careful with your words and listen closer to Jesus and obey Him in who is receptive.

Jesus had perfect perception. Of course, He knew all about her, He is God. He amazed her, He changed her, He stated facts without accusation and did  not condemn her but set her free. Had she recognized Him as Messiah, though not a Jew, she could have asked for living waters. So could so many others have, so can we.

I love writing my blog. I love encouraging women and even a few men have been reading and commenting, for this I am grateful. I am most grateful to Jesus for the writing ability I am blessed with, He gets the glory, without I am nothing and so are we all. Just as lost as the woman at the well who may have been bitter or angry or just hurt and lonely.

Jesus saw her as an empty vessel waiting to be filled. So Mara’s waters were not bitter after Jesus entered. She went off joyfully to tell others. Others who may have shunned her before who turned their backs like you see the Amish do. Now, they were listening to her. It was a miracle. And why not? He is our miracle. If you need one today, He’s there.

We can all identify with Bible characters if we see them as real people and not just stories or fairy tales, which also have someone they are based one. We need to spend a restful afternoon at the well, it’s still summer, it’s still hot. But the day cools with the gentle wind of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is near, do you hear Him coming have you called Him?

Mara must have and He heard her and went out of His way to meet her. He surely heard her crying, from her heart or the silent tears as she stood in the distance watching, waiting, another day of a miserable existence, brought to life by living water. Whatever her name really was, and whatever our names may be. We have something in common when we meet Jesus. We never thirst again. Have a blessed day with the one who is the fountain of health and youth and who is altogether lovely. We know God changed Sarai’s name to Sarah. I study Hebrew also, God actually put His name into both Abraham and Sarah’s. I wish mine was spelled, Rebecca, in Hebrew, it is Rivkah. Did you know the devil goes after you if you have a Bible name? Wish I’d know that a long time ago.

When we drink from living waters, we have ionos zoe, eternal life, He gives us a new life, our name is in the book of life, He will even give us a new name. Revelation 2:17. We are His and He calls our name.  It is even engraved in the nail scarred hands and wrist of Jesus. It nice to think that He changed Mara, from bitter, to Samantha, who listens well. The woman at the well listened.  She listened well and I hope we will also, whatever our lives are like, we can say truthfully, I am Sam. 

Spencer Davis / Unsplash Adobe Stock

This is a post I updated from 2016. I will be doing some new Bible Stories for my blog, they will be on FB in the spring, and I highly recommend Katrina Hamel’s work if you enjoy reading about Bible women.

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