Isn’t He Wonderful?



If you study the Bible at all, you know there are so many names for God, deep Hebraic roots. All have titles or meaning, provider, healer, Almighty. Jesus and the Holy Spirit also, Wonderful! Counselor, Prince of Peace, my favorite. And Comforter, Spirit of Truth, you get the idea. All these rolled up into one, Jesus, name above all names. Isn’t He wonderful? Yes, He is!

Now let’s look at a few names He has for us:

Beautiful one – Song of Solomon 2:10

Chosen – John 15:16

His Delight – Isaiah 62:4

Beloved – Psalm 127:2

Free – John 8:36

Virtuous – Proverbs 31

Crown of Beauty – Isaiah 62:3

Graceful – 2 Corinthians 9:8

Strong – Psalm 30:7

Precious – Isaiah 43:4

Called – Revelation 17:4

And these are just a few, there are always more. Look them up, study them. Write them on your heart and soul. Rebecca Jones / Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho


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