Trust In A Last Minute God


I know this is a funny title for my post but I have my reasons. People always say God is never early or late but always on time. I know He lives in eternity and ours begins when we are saved. I do beieve in the Rapture of the church and Millenial reign and know that there wil be Judgement for unbelievers and heaven for the rest of us, I know He can do anything at any time, I know He restores, even before His return.

I was thinking though about how some things have worked in my life. I have had a couple of spur of the moments, I kind of like a little spontaneity. ” What am I going to do today? ” That sort of thing. Although I like lists and organizing. I never just planned meals and my housekeeping and decorating, that was all neat and tidy, became less important than my health so I stopped over doing and went back to God’s Word. Good medicine.

I suppose I’m saying I’d like to get up on Saturday morning and go antique shopping, or to the mall or just for a drive and take pictures, to eat a place that doesn’t have a value menu, or just buy flowers.  I really don’t care to be surprised though, it’s usually unexpected things like people at the door and me in a nightshirt in the afternoon. But I love serendipity. I even love the word, and you know I love words because here I am typing this. Serendipity! Something wonderful and unexpected. Now, that I have had happen a couple of times. Just the right time, right place.

But what about a last minute God. I can think about that too and can recount several instances where He just stepped in at the last moment, getting an an appointment to see the dentist when I was in pain, a much needed move for my mother, and prayers that I’m sure have truly saved our lives, yes mine, included. My instance, was in 2012 after an illness and major spiritual attack and many sleepless nights, my mother prayed for me. Looking back I can see how saved us from a neighbor’s fire, tornadoes, and more. Even a year later, I fought to hang on to God’s promises. When I was recovering there were many changes and Jesus was the top of my list. He was no longer a prayer here and there as I struggled to believe Him, but the beloved that had accepted me. And I was His beloved too. So why the wait to rescue me?

I thought lots of things, like not enough faith, even angering an angel sent before me. Yes, it in the Bible. I thought it was not tithing regularly or attending church enough. I thought i may have given up or that I had done something wrong or maybe there was a certain time. All this is confusion and not from God. He didn’t just allow me to be hurt, there are humans who do that, who are hurtful, negative and cruel. No, He loved me and wanted me to have the best, and I wanted His best and to be and do what He wanted me to be and it was a regular prayer of mine.

I allowed some things to hurt me and hinder me and I lacked wisdom, but He was always there and on time.  I guess I was the one who was too early or too late, He wasn’t standing me up, I was standing Him up. God has His times and calendar, they are called mohedim or appointed times or seasons. We should all desire to be ready for our mohedim, but He can and will fix anything at anytime.

But I’m not explaining the last minute God until the last minute. 🙂 Think about it.  Jairus daughter had died, He raised her, they were about to bury the widow of Nain’s son when He touched the casket, and Lazarus was dead four days, that “stinketh”. And Jesus knew He was ill and waited. We all have things that “stinketh,” that only He can undo.

He touched lepers that were dying, even the woman with the issue of blood, she too was dying. He walked on by a blind man who called Him, until He called Him rightly, for He was not Jew and neither was the woman who He called a dog, which translates more to puppy.  Yet, He went out of His way for a Samarian woman, and crossed the sea to a madman. Why? Jesus was excellent as God in His perceptions, it is the enemy who decieves. Maybe we don’t think we deserve His love or to be healed, but we do because He paid the price. He freely gave His life and took brutal punishment to set us free. He did all these things wanting the Jews to accept Him as Messiah. They did not, he still loves them and has plans. Are they last minute, oh, yes.

He knows who needs Him and when, He knows when we are strong and when we are weak. He responds to faith. Is easily touched by our infirmities, so where are all the miracles? Waiting to happen. He demonstrated His power before crowds, and wept for Jerusalem. He wept for us on the cross, and many of us are like Mary of Bethany weeping over His feet about to be pierced. But Jesus is alive and that is the way we need to see Him and love Him for His sacrifice.

Does the last minute God need an audience, have to make an entrance? No. He’ll heal you where you are. Does He enjoy crowds? Yes! Does He love to hear His name called out? Yes! Does He love the praise and worship? Yes! He doesn’t need the spectacular, He is not a superstar. He loves rest, quiet, peaceful and loving, intimate communion with us. Does He wait until the last minute? Yes, sometimes He does. Why? I’m not even sure I have an answer and I’ve pondered this in my own life. I know He gives every one every chance He can, to be saved, some just lose their battles in the area of healing and He opts for mercy. So fight as hard as you can and know He is with you, and though the Bible says they were instantly healed,, others were healed on there way, some never thanked Him, He sent His word and Healed them, so did God by sending Him.

He is the alpha and omega, the I Am that I am, so if He’s immediate, along the way, or last minute. That’s just fine, with me either way, as long as He shows up. And I choose to believe, He’s just saving the best for last.  Rebecca Jones


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