Get Some Rest!


Hebrews 4 describes the rest we are to labor for, and there are many other verses. I read an important prophetic word today and I’m relaying it, with my own heart.  It’s is a time of rest, a season of change. It is a time to be quiet, to be still before the Lord as never before, to become Mary of Bethany and be at the feet of Jesus. We can pour our oil on Him, not for burial, for He is alive forevermore, but to minister our love to Him, and He in turn pours the warming of the precious Holy Spirit on us.

He is there to comfort, to heal, to give the much needed rest we labor for, to give sleep to the beloved, just to love us. No matter where we are or at what stage of faith or grace we may be, He longs to love us and bring us into deeper understanding of His powerful, gentle love.

How much do you know about Hebraic study? It’s not a time to just focus on it, but rather to turn our eyes on Jesus. Nevertheless, He is our High Priest forever, and we are coming into a season before the Jewish New Year 5777. There are forty days of Teshuvah, a time of reflection, repentance, growing closer to God. When the Day of Atonement comes, it is a day to wear white. And we all want to walk in white before the Lord.

Jesus, as the High Priest, enters the Holy of Holies, His blood is on the mercy seat, perhaps He has left it there or sprinkles it yearly, I can’t really say. But it is the one sacrifice that has eternal life giving atonement. A sacrifice so holy, that He was the only one worthy. That is why me must focus on Him.

Lay aside, the laundry, the remote, find your peaceful place and worship Him in Spirit and in truth. He is the High Priest of our confession and makes intercession for us. On our knees, like Mary, in tears like Hannah, praying for a child, crawling to touch the hem of His garment, like the woman with the issue of blood. We strive to touch Him.

Did you know the word propitiation translates to mercy seat? I will never downplay the cross, but He is risen. He wants to take our burdens and cares and gives us is not a normal way of thinking we have labor for it. And do not look back, as Ado did. She looked at the judgement upon Sodom and Gommorah, and turned to a pillar of salt or stone. Looking back is never a good idea, it’s better to move forward. Keep our good memories and say goodbye to anything that hinders. The madman lived among the tombs, that’s no way to live. Jesus freed Him. Death could not hold a risen Lord, He crushed it. Don’t give up on people you are praying for who need healing or salvation, He is still on the throne and Hs mercy endures forever.

One note about Ado, she is not named in the Bible, I found it in another text, studying Bible Women. Looking ahead to 5777, in October. Have a blessed day, and I pray a blessed Jewish New Year! L’shanah Tovah! Rebecca Jones

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