A Virtuous Woman


I like to pick apart stories, parables, the Bible verses. No harm in that we are supposed to study and rightly divide the Word. A lot of time I studied, but got nowhere because, I wasn’t hearing the right teaching or not hearing it right in my spirit, letting the flesh get in the way. But the Holy Spirit is the best teacher.

Let’s look at virtuous. Conforming to moral and ethical principles, morally excellent, upright, leading a virtuous life. Although I didn’t find in my definitions virginity, it is applicable, especially in Biblical terms. But you are forgiven sins as a believer, and you can still be virtuous, as long is you are not a willing participant of sin. We do make mistakes and have an advocate. But willing sinners are stubborn people and refuse to admit they have problems.

Most women like to read Proverbs 31, and it is a great chapter. We are worth more than rubies. We make good decisions. We are crowns to our husbands. We work hard for our families and friends and God. Even if you don’t feel like it or think so, God values you as a believer and you are virtuous. The more you can put Jesus at the forefront of your life, the more virtuous you become.

Now, let’s look at Jesus. He touched that woman with the issue of blood. Virtue went out of Him. This is in King James,  Luke 8:46. Other versions translate it as power or dunamis in Greek, a root for the Engish  “dynamite “. Is it any wonder when you see the people falling in the power of the Spirit with only a slight touch. This is power! This is love and it is the sound mind, we should all have and walk in as believers. The Holy Spirit gives us power or virtue, and look what it does. It heals, delivers, protects.

Jesus was the most virtuous of all and led an exemplary life. He didn’t have to argue, He did get angry and not sin, so there is a righteous anger at the devil and his minions and the works he would deceive and destroy with. He was not just a good moral person who did not steal and prayed for people.

He did what He said and said what He did. He meant what He said. He meant for us to believe it and emulate Him. the old go and do likewise. Have you ever had dunamis go out of you. Sure you have, as a believer, the Holy Spirit is in you. If you are baptized in the Holy Spirit, even more so.

Have you ever had an issue of blood? I have! It is no fun at all! Imagine being a poor woman suffering like that for twelve years, bleeding, suffering, dying. She had one last chance and went for it. And did sheever recieve a miracle, because Jesus was virtuous, upright, loving and powerful, the Son of the Living God. Not just because He was good, a good teacher or prophet.

And then to double His teaching, He turns around and raised a girl who is also twelve years old. Dying or dead four days made no difference. Dead in the trespasses of sin, spiritually dead, it’s all the same to Jesus. Nothing is impossible with God.

So see what virtue is, a tough act to follow? Wow! But He says we can.  And we were just concered about keeping house, making sure Cheerios weren’t stuck to the floor and the children’s hair combed and their socks match. Remember, Jesus went away to pray, He had to recharge and so do we, He gets pleasure out of loving people and so do we. But we have to get into His rest. Rebecca Jones


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