To Be Like Jesus

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Oh, to be like Jesus! Wouldn’t it be great to be like Him? If we all were, what peace.  But it took effort for Jesus to be Jesus, He did only what His Father’s said and did.  He had become a lowly human and depended totally on the Holy Spirit, just as we are to as believers. Like I always say, I never tell people not to go to the doctor or take medicine, I’m not suggesting barricading yourself away into a cult. Just walk a little closer, or even a lot closer.

Jesus faced rejection, His opinions weren’t always popular among religious or political leaders. He had to go away and pray, He went off to Himself, probably even to get away from cranky disciples. And as much as He loved helping people, He needed a break. Just like parents from children, caregivers from patients. When all you see is sickness, despair or poverty. It affects you as a person, it affects your heart or soul, which is the mind, will and emotions.

That is why He gave us His Holy Spirit, power if you need it to overcome the enemy. Love and a sound mind to refresh you into getting up the next day or going back on Monday, preaching the next sermon, writing the next page.

Jesus had memories of heaven. He no doubt meditated on the beauty of it. He was certain of returning. It always amazed me that he kept silent before accusers and took so much punishment in our place. By Jesus law, He would have stoned to death, beaten or scourged, not both as He was . I t was the worst imaginable death. For me. It is amazing grace, amazing love, that frees a soul from the bonds of the enemy’s barbaric lies, cruelty and deceit. It brings health and peace.

Jesus had to think about good things as we do. He was skilled in the Word and could use it. He knew when to walk away and when to be silent. He probably sung Psalms and possessed the wisdom of the Proverbs. But before Abraham was He was, the Alpha and Omega. It may not always be easy for us to emulate or to be Jesus.

We should earnestly desire the gift of prophecy, because using that gift of hearing what God says and repeating what God says it will help us become more like Jesus. 1 Corinthians 14:1-5 says to follow after love, which is Jesus, and desire spiritual gifts that we may prophesy. To speak good over others, the gifts God would give. It is their decision to receive or not.

The Holy Spirit is a gift, speaking in tongues is a gift, the ability to prophesy is a gift. It won’t necessarily make you a prophet. It is a gift that the Holy Spirit will help you grow in, it is already perfect but because it is fro m God. It is not predicting the future and people have to receive the prophetic. Prophetic ministry requires study, and not everyone understands it.

Prophesying is not guesswork, or controlling, nothing occult. This would be demonic. But it is a word from the Holy Spirit passed along or spoken over a person. More widely, a congregation or national word, would be more in line with the office of prophet.

I can give you an example, my mother’s cousin, a believer and long time smoker, but a believer, had a minister tell her that he saw in the Spirit, an angel giving her new lungs. She went to churches, revivals and enjoyed them, but I don’t think she held onto that word and claimed it as her own promise. She passed away. She either did not understand or receive. That is why we should thank Him for blessing we don’t see.

Another time, I had driven my mother to the hospital with a severe nose bleed. Actually, twice in one day. I was in the waiting room, wishing I had some cookies or something, and a lady came out. She looked weak, I asked her if she felt better, because she had seen a doctor.  She said, yes. And I was just commenting or so I thought, but I said,  ” You’ll be okay! ”  the way her face lit up, the Lord must have been there. She received the word I spoke over her. I could see a change.

After rethinking and re-studying the passage, I realize how many times i have actualy prophesied over someone. It is the Lord speaking to you, instructing you on what to say. Especially, as you are praying for someone. I have zero medical knowledge but have prayed very specifically. Sometimes, it is as if the Lord is typing my work, I am thinking faster than I can write or type.

Let’s look at the definition…to foretell or predict. to indicate beforehand, to declare or foretell by or as if by divine inspiration, to utter in prophecy or as a prophet. To foretell or predict, makes you sound like a fortune teller, the enemy counterfeits God’s work. To declare by divine inspiration is a better definition.

I pray that we are all ready to receive any and all gifts of the spirit. May I prophesy over you? The Holy Spirit is truth, so this is what I’m told to say.

Receive, receive. There are many unopened gifts in the throne room of heaven. Open them. They are full of grace. May gifts open, eyes, ears and hearts, doors open  and evil door close, in Jesus name.

Rebecca Jones

*** This is also post # 666, we know who tried to overcome Jesus and be God. So this is a good read to put him down again. Jesus always wins!

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