Resting in Jesus


Resting in Jesus will help ust to be more like Jesus. He had to rest, not only as a man but as God. Yes, God rested after creation, it was finished, His plan was in effect. It kept multiplying, it was designed to be that way. Jesus had to depend on the Father’s rest and do as He heard and saw. He obeyed His Father or else God’s plan would not have been realized to redeem mankind. Though all may not believe, the opportunity is there.

In the sme way, Jesus was obedient even unto death. Though His heart was wrenched with heaviness and fear, and He wrestled with His humanity, tortured more than anyone ever could have been, He died for us. His work was finished and He is seated on the throne exalted, He can rest.

Only by resting in Him, will we ever obtain the promises He made to us. We do not have to work for His love, acceptance or salvation. But we do have work to do, he blesses the work of our hands and is our prover and has planned good works for us to accomplish, that He may get the glory! This rest is something we have to work for.

It’s a quiet, hot Sunday here in Georgia. So whether been to church already or not, spend some quite time aloe in prayer, talk to Jesus. Get some of His rest, it is so much better. And He promised to give it you. Rebecca Jones

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