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I read a post from fellow blogger talking about finding an old WWJD bracelet and and the Lord speaking these letters to her. GBJ. Go be Jesus! Those catch phrases were all popular, I had the shirts. F.R.O.G, Fully Rely on God, even D.O.G, Depend on God. My favorite was P,A.N.D.A, Pray and Never Doubt Again. I wish I could have.

What would Jesus do? He would have us to go be Jesus. And how do we do that?  Read the book. Follow along. Do what the Father’s says and does, because if you’ve seen Him you’ve seen the Father. It fairly easy to be nice, pass along a verse, send an e card, buy someone lunch.

Yet, Jesus was walking, talking love and power, He put out lots of devils. So let’s be sure what we are doing. It is His perfect love that casts out fear, which is the adversary. He is the Holy Spirit inside who discerns the enemies lies. We are to be encouraging and to pry for one another and bear one another’s burdens. We should walk in the fruit of the Spirit, we should be vessels of honor, carrying His love, joy and peace. We should be gentle yet as firm as necessary to destroy the devil’s work. Jesus accomplished that on the cross, but that is why He came. He gives us His power and authority.

Kindness should be on our tongue, the learned and pen of a ready writer. We should be faithful and patient. Our fruit should be good fruit, and we should be bearing a lot of it. The girl in the photo is surprised. I think we are all a little surprised that we can really, with His help of course, be like Jesus.

Sometimes, it is not easy being Jesus, it takes effort, but after all who would you really want to be? So JLJ, is what we want to be. Just Like Jesus.

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