Sowing The Wind


My topic today is of great importance and relative to today’s environment, both in the world at large and in family lives as well. When I woke up I had a thought of what to put on my blog. I always pray for me to be able to write what someone needs to hear and share it. This word came with a specific request to pray with clarity.

In other words, our prayers are scattered out over the wind, like chaff or seed that have blown everywhere. Some were answered, there were sown into good ground, received by either ourselves or those whom we prayed for. Some fell on stony ground, those who failed to received because of unbelief, or God help us, even ourselves, because we fell into some trap of the enemy or through discouragement and delays, allowed the devil to snatch our promise or our profession or thanks. Some hearts are just hard, some are unguarded and become so.

Some of our prayers fell among thorns, prickly people with prickly hearts and tongues and disagreeable natures, wicked or evil hearts and minds. Maybe, you’ve prayed for a loved one to be saved. The promise was given to the Phillipian jailer, that his whole house would be saved. But that promise is for us as well, still those people have to believe and accept Jesus as Lord, if you’ve prayed that, do it once more and then tell Jesus you thank Him for taking care of that person. When it comes to your mind again, don’t pray anymore, thank Him, praise Him, let it go.

If Jesus can’t help this person, why do we think we can? There are people and situations we must leave in His hands. And it is for their benefit and ours as well, because we know we are not to worry or fear, rather to look to Jesus.

So I told the Lord, I called all my words and prayers back together, like a big pile of seeds. And I’m being more specific with prayer and more direct. More positive and doing away with the negative. If you can’t say something good. Don’t say it at all. Don’t pray if it’s His will to heal when He plainly told the leper He was willing.

Let’s don’t pray scatterbrained like a scarecrow full of stuffing. There are verses for every need and we need to line our prayers up with them. We need to agree with God and not the defeat and dismal pictures the devil paints. The harvest is plenty and look at the beautiful Nathan Greene painting of the Lord going through the fields that are ready to harvest. He is coming back.

He is coming for a spotless bride, a church full of faith and favor, ready to meet Him. People are in pain, panic, at a loss for hope. They gather in the streets in anger, when Jesus would fill the churches with love.

His words carry wait and go out to accomplish His will. He gave women the gift of gab and blessed us with intellegience and vocabulary. We can be prosaic or prolific or scattered or specific. We must lasso our words and wrangle them in like my cowgirl friends would say. Round up the strays (words) and use a certain brand of prayer to gather in those sheep who have gone astray or never received Jesus.

Now isn’t the time for idle chatter or gossip, flippant and disparraging or racial jokes or slurs, it not the time for men and women to be be making it an us against them issue. So as believers, let’s be specific, name the disease or cancer, your praying about, it is under Jesus name. Jesus knows the details, but He wants us to be clear and precise. He want us to be like Him. The parable of the sower is in Mark 4 and Matthew’s account is in chapter 13, I like this one best. The devil in an attempt to copy Jesus comes immediately. He will take what we sow or do not understand. He is the prince of the power of the air, but the Prince of Peace is perfect and more powerful in believers.

So if are prayers are being thwarted, let’ts rethink them, put them to flight on the wind of the Holy Spirit, and let them be raised upon dove’s wings to heaven. We have sown the wind and reaped the whirlwind, now let’s sow in His grace and peace.



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