Consider Foster Parenting


Don’t you just love babies? The smell of powder, no tear shampoo, drool and poopy diapers not so much. I have kept so many children over the years, from helping with Kindergarteners when I was in high school to watching after schoolers.

Babies weren’t so bad. Eight or so elemantary age, that could do something or pass the time guessing charades in the afternoon, okay. Twenty five was a lot but I managed, and I was only seventeen.  Then there was the day I got turned loose with sixty and one wild little man running circles in front of me.

I quit day care early on. But I did keep children and pursued that writing career I wanted. I have never adopted any children, I don’t have or never have had any foster children. My mother has full custody of two great grandchildren now. I wasn’t expecting that either.

I have always prayed for children, prayers of protection. I have prayed for sick children. I know the Lord has stepped in and out of my life with children and ideas. A lot of the story lines I have considered for that great novel had children at their center.

I have seen some that I kept that have grown up. But mostly they have gone on and that’s fine. I managed to sow good seed into those little gardens, they left, me singers and praisers, able to color and draw and some reading and writing. One little girl had profound fears, but she overcame them. She became bright and beautiful and played chess and tennis, neither of which I have mastered. I have never once one a game of chess. And badmitten is about as close as I’ve been to tennis.  This little girl once had a seizure, it was so bad I called her father, and told him I was dialing 911, if he didn’t get there and get her to the hospital. She looked dead in my mother’s arms, but now know as much about prayer and faith, that was the best place for her to have been. She recovered quickly at the hospital. I’m sure it panicked her father who was only about three blocks away. But Jesus has been god to us and He loves the little children.

I also kept a little boy from being a baby to over eight. He could read the Bible and books by people like Benny Hinn. He’d read them to my mother. He came in from school sick one day, I prayed for him gave him some grape Tylenol, and let him go to sleep. He once went on a trip with his parents, when he got back he told me about the caverns he’s gone through how deep and dark. ” Becky, it’s just like where the devil lives. ” he said.

I loved all the little princesses and ballerinas and cowboys and pirates, even though there were some that stood out. I wasn’t always in the best of health myself I did my best. Even with a few that were handfuls and demanding. That’s why healing and the Lord took over my life.

Everyone has something to offer. After talking to people in social services, I’m waiting to see where the Lord leads me. He told me by the Holy Spirit, I had fostered children, so I looked it up.

Foster  / 1. nurture child: to provide a child with care and upbringing 2. develop something: to encourage the development of something 3. keep alive feeling or thought: to keep a feeling or thought alive

In this sense, I have. I will definitely obey His will but I felt led to encourage other believers to consider this. If you can adopt, foster or mentor. please do so. Children need to hear about Jesus. I’m concerned that so many don’t know the love of Jesus. Abuse and neglect have caused them to live in fear. They are growing up under bridges and in crack houses. I know the behavior can be a problem, but nothing is impossible with God.

Please consider this with me and even if its only developing character. Please do it. Help a child. Rebecca Jones


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