All Things New


I have written before about become a new creature in Christ, how it is like the caterpillar turning into a butterfly. As we wind down the days until eternity, there is a shifting in the body of Christ. God talks about doing a new thing, His promise is to make all things new. This is something we all hope for when we get to heaven or go in the Rapture or catching the way of the church.

But He has given us new life in Christ as believers, from the time of salvation, so have we grown, prospered, followed after His love and will? Or have we been resting on our laurels as believers being content with what we have and quoting His Word out of context, believing as Job, that the Lord gives and take away. That is Old Testament, holy sounding but we have a better covenant with Jesus. John10:10 is clear about who gives and who takes.

I spent a lot time giving to people who did not understand the Word, who didn’t see it as a priority. While it is our duty to witness to the lost, we are supposed to minister to the household of faith, which is other believers. We should rest and help others to rest in His promises.

God is still doing new thing, He has plans for us and things we don’t even know about or aware of. He takes pleasure in prospering His servants, we are not to be afraid as His little flock of lambs. We have a shepherd. We are not lost sheep. He has found me. I hope He has found you, too.

Seek His face and expect good things from God, I hope He is doing a new thing for you, too. Rebecca Jones

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