Sweet Jesus


When I was a little girl, we would sing Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, sweetest name I know. And I was assisting with kindergarteners, singing, Jesus takes a frown, and He turns it upside down and oops there comes a smile! As an adult still working with children, we were singing, Isn’t he wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, isn’t Jesus my Lord wonderful?

I told my mother that I used to sing a song called Wrapped Up Tied Up tangled Up In Jesus, and I have been since I was eleven. So many children do not know even Jesus Loves Me and those who have growN up and begin to the lose child like faith we are supposed to have. I have Seen babies giggle and laugh, watching angels I didn’t see, heard six month olds say Jeeesus! I have watched toddlers in their innocence and with shining eyes sing and praise and dance with uplifted tiny palms, What A Mighty God We Serve.

So what happens to us? We grow up. Life happens. Work. School. Friends. Does the sweetest name I know just fall off the radar? No, of course not. But I had to develop a new more adult relationship with with Him. I had to grow in grace. I had favor I didn’t even realize, gifts and blessings, but sometimes it was up in the air. A cloudburst that was waiting for me to pray the right prayer of faith to make it pour out the abundance of the windows of heaven. When I really just accepred His love.

I was still childlike, innocent, a dove that had to tread over the serpents and scorpions of the world and I didn’t quite know how. I was worried, fearful, but always faithful to Jesus and I knew He loved me. So again and again, I turned to Him, loved Him, told Him how sweet He was to be patient with me, to keep loving me. I realized that although we are to speak the truth in love, and grow up in Him, that He still sees us as childlike, needy, so unaware of dangers.

That is why He gave us the precious Holy Spirit, to calm, comfort and to give us power to overcome by His blood and our words, which should line up with His. Never let the fowls of the air just pick apart your testimony, with sour grapes, criticism or even doubt and belief. Jesus can’t work in that atmosphere. In His hometown, people only viewed Him as a carpenter, He couldn’t work miracles.

People are critical, judgemental and superstitious, pessimistic, greedy and opportunistic, making babes little lambs out among wolves. But Jesus is there all around you. So don’t let other people or bad apples spoil our fruit. Our prayers are fruit, our joy and praise.

No matter what has happened to me, I still knew the sweetest name and He was/is Wonderful. I was wrapped up tied up and tangled up in other things, Jesus was the only one to undo it, so through it all What A Mighty God We Serve.  Sing to children, sing to yourself, even if you think you can’t. It’s music to His ears.

My sweet Jesus slept through the storm in the bough, a wonderful Michael Card song, He sees me a beautiful woman created in the image of God with all the abundace He poured on me, even if I don’t see that. He cares for me as a child. He rejoices over me with a song. It gets sweeter and sweeter as the days go by, oh what a love between my Lord and I, I keep falling in love with Him over and over again. Another song lyric, but Jesus is the same, yeterday, today and forever. So He’s always sweet, He can’t get sweeter. So shouldn’t we be getting sweeter our voices, our lives, our love?

Even as write this, I feel oppression but Jesus brings it naught. He’s still the sweetest name I know. I keep falling in love with Him, and oops there comes a smile!

Rebecca Jones


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