His Crown


His crown bought us peace of mind. This is a good image to keep in mind when we are afraid, worried or depressed.  He bore mental stress and disease just as He did physical sickness. Isaiah 53

Everyday thousands of thoughts race through our minds, social media and televison add to the voices. When people talk about hearing voices, it’s usually in the negative connotation of being to to do something wicked. And that is true, it comes from the wicked one, it does. God is not telling peoplle to go AWOL or shootup a school.

Most people don’t discern, even as Christians, the thoughts running through their heads. The Word is clear that the Holy Spirit speaks to us, He quickens our spirits and gives us wisdom. We must be still and listen. For a long time, I was careful of every word I said, then I’d say nothing and that doesn’t help.

We are to call things that be as though theyare not. You may be sick but say you are healed by Jesus. People will accuse you of lying, so don’t tell everyone everything. Take your medicine and believe, Jesus know. It amazes me howoften Christians lend their voices to the wicked one, who immediately comes for the Word od God sown in you. Don’t let him haveit or your joy in Jesus, it is valuable to you in your healing journey.

Sometimes you may have to ” turn off ” or ” tune out ” all the chatttering voices around you, to hear the Lord, but you will. And though people may think you are crazy, thinking God speaks you, who cares? You are enjoying love, health and peace.  There are many voices and religions out there. Jesus paid the price and the Holy Spirit is the way.

There is no shame in asking for help or needing medication, but if you are a believe, Jesus hears your cries.

Rebecca Jones



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