Hiding Under A Bushel?


Jesus doesn’t give us His light and expect us to hide it under a bushel. He wants us to shine for Him, for Him to shine through us. Don’t ever believe the lie that your life is over, you don’t matter, nothing works for you. Cast down the thought and read through John at the love Jesus taugh and walked in and intend us to have.

Let the Holy Spirit guide you in all matters, He is a gift, a treasure, a constant friend, when other fail you or walk away. Spend time alone in prayer, kneel before the Lord your maker. One wind of the Spirit of the Living God can turn your world around and blow your basket  right off you.

Search the Scriptures, write down who and what you are in Christ. You are unafraid, bold, wise, peaceful, kind and joyful, You have righterousness and holiness because of Him, it was a gift.

You can do all things, what are you hiding from? You are neither a widow nor orphan, even if you are with Jesus. He cares for you, walks with you, is your daily bread. He’s given all His children gifts and talents. Don’t hide them under the bushel.

Baskets are for laundry. Beauty is for ashes. Beloved is Jesus. Don’t shut yourself off from the one who loves most, who loves you best. He is waiting, let Him raise you up, toss away the basket, or take it on a picnic, but don’t hide. It is not a safe place nor a secret one, but snare, and we are protected from those, He’s promised.

Rebecca Jones





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