One Plus One Equals One


Jesus said that if you have seen me you have seen the Father. Wow! That is a bold statement, because we that no man has seen God and yet Jesus can make this claim and it be the truth as well because as He said, He only did what His Father said and told Him to.

Since Jesus had to be crucified to redeem us, He sent the Holy Spirit in His place. He even told the disciples, it was better if He goes. Now, we are blessed not only to have the Father’s love, Jesus, as our High Priest, but we have the Holy Spirit in us.

Just as Jesus and the Father are one. He wants us to be one with the Holy Spirit. Another relationship He wants us to have is to be one with our husbands/wives. God ordained the marriage of one man and woman.He wants them also to be one.

All three personalities are one in the Trinity, complete love and agreement. Let us make man in our image, they were one. So you see Adam had love and sesitivity, tenderness, and strength.  But when God decided it was not good to leave man alone, (And I won’t make jokes, here. 🙂 ) He  made woman, also tender and strong.

Everyone talks about the difference between men and women but I don’t think God made them opposites. The fall of Adam did that. I don’t think we will know  what made Adam let go of his authority until we get to heaven, perhaps. But I do think he must have left Eve  vulnerable to the enemy’s deceitful whisper.

Christian couples should be one. Not dominating but deliberate and loving, careful and compassionate. It is not all about us, but Jesus. He is one with Father, and wants to be one with us through the Holy Spirit.  Even the Holy Spirit speaks only what He hears from the Father.

So, in God’s math again, we find a variable. One and one is one, and three in one is one. I don’t think anyone would mind being  one with the one who made us and loves us, because that is what He is, love. We must learn by the Spirit the differences between true love and the world’s definition of it. And that is God. Rebecca Jones


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