God’s Math


I never was much good at math. English and history were more my thing. Write a poem or a story, no problem. Algebra? Ugh!!! I’m like the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz when it comes to that, what is the square root of an icsoceles triangle anyway? He’ll help me with what I need to know.

Imagine a God who can number the grains of the sand on the beach. He can measure them in His them hand and can count the stars and number and they all have names. I’m sure He named one for me. Maybe, all Abrahams descendants. Isn’t that better than CX78 or something?  Have you ever looked at those Hubble telescope pictures and seen The Eye of God or the cross at the end of of what is I believe a nebula?

I can’t imagine being able to count sand or stars, and then He knows how many hairs are on your head. And not just gray, either, He knows how many fall off are in the brush and are stoppping up the sink. Seriously, I can’t even count that high. And it is not a joking matter that a God loves you so and keeps track of you that well. Nor that gave His beloved Son on a cross of shame.

On top of that, He has innumerable angels, I’m sure He knows their names. Creation appears to be ongoing at His Word, worlds are still being flung into existence, you never would get through exploring. Think about what God is counting in yur life. While we count calories and carbs and sheep and money we don’t have, and many other things like bills in the stack, cans in the cupboard, steaks in the freezer, He’s counting rainbows and blessings and prayers and tears.

What is He counting? Our words matter. So let’s count them, and make them count. He’s not keeping track of forgiven sin, not condemning, but isn’t He listening for agreement in prayer. And all that takes is two or three in His name.

Rebecca Jones


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