Counting It Joy


I was reading a blog today and it made me think back on my on life. The lady who writes this is beautiful, brilliant with words, has a lot of life experience.  And then there’s me,     I’ve had a couple people of people say I was beautiful, and my answer, “because the Lord lets me be. ”  I was being honest, I believe true beauty is from God, and it’s not superficial, or just an outside appearance. Mostly though, I was hurt by weight comments, so I didn’t know honest I was being at the time. I always knew I was gifted with words, but God gave me so much more. I didn’t think I had a lot of life experience, but more than I thought, and I had understanding.

This lady has had her share of problems. She is in the same boat as we all are. I mean haven’t we all? I’ve never had a miscarriage, been divorced, never been subjected to abuse other than verbal. I’ve never traveled very far, never accomplished much or so I thought, but I was bearing much fruit. Good fruit, fresh fruit, and juicy ripe fruit, ready to burst with crisp new life. And I never even realized it.

You see, I was caught up in my own self and messes a lot of the time, focusing on Jesus to heal me and what I was doing wrong. And then, I understood, He is the greater one in me, healing is in me, for myself and others. He’s already accomplished it on the cross. I wasn’t fighting flesh and blood but spitiual wars and He had already won them as well.

I am fighting with Him in front, behind, beside me, angelic armies at the ready. God is love and love never fails. Victory is here, healing is here. I pass it on to you. We may be weak but He is strong. What I may not have experienced exactly what everyone else has, but I know none the less, my heart has been broken, I have grieved and I have cried myself to sleep. I’ve done without things, been out of money, lived at home, been lonely, wished there was someone to help me. ( There was. Jesus! )

I turned to people I trusted. I turned to televangelists. I was even more hurt when I truly didnt’t understand God’s Word. I try to make it plain. Salvation is a gift, it is more than going to heaven. It is healing, deliverance and protection. God is love and full of grace and mercy.  Grace and truth came in the form of Jesus. The Holy Spirit is a gift and there are many gifts through HIm. You must learn to operate in them

What I realized today as I read her words was that there was a note of despair.You know there those who tire of hearing faith when they see few results. I was one of those people, until I learned to focus on Jesus and not me. What are we doing wrong? I don’t know about everyone, but I got tired of seeing ridiculously happy people and nothing happening for me, in fact some of those people were also on the weight bandwagon.

Jesus never said, ” Lose weight and I’ll heal you. ” He healed them all. Most people instantly, some as they went. He can direct you about healthy eating if that is what you need. But I think most of us need love. His deep love that is not condemning us.

What was I missing, what did I hear in her words, no joy. An undercurrent of the humdrum, so so, staus quo. It is hoping for the best, but being prepared for the worst. It is a hint of misery loves company and perhaps a little self loathing, why me?  I am not judging,  I have been there, trying to be happy regardless, making my own happiness. It doesn’t work.

Jesus is my joy, and my healer, the lifter of my head and my abundant life giver. It is why He warns  us not to let anyone steal our joy, the joy He gives us. It doesn’t have to be the devil, it can be your best friend, even pastors and teachers, because we are all short of His glory. Let’s get it back. Let’s be strong in the Lord and full of joy unspeakable.

It is my prayer that my words are helpful and never hurtful, because I too, am guilty of hurt. Even though it was just anxious anticipation of seeing potential breakthrough. Some people are not as ready to receive as you may be. We’re all at different faith levels. Love is patient.  So even in whatever circumstance, I must count joy, and my joy is Jesus. I pray the Lord fill you with joy today and that we surrender to His perfect and loving grace.

Rebecca Jones


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