Free To Love


I just had to write this post after reading another one about overcoming fear and being accepted into the beloved.  For the longest my cheese was falling off my cracker. And that’s putting it mildly. Go ahead, laugh.

I started to learn about overcoming fear through a particular ministry, even though they taught about love, my life was a constant battle. I read and heard about the battlefields of your mind and most of the time we just accept defeat and become walking wounded. We are causualties of war, the real walking dead, because we are not enjoying the abundant life Jesus died for.

Truthfully, I thought and was taught that fear was a curse, I believed it. I focused on it. I actually rehearsed it. It’s a lie! A very deceptive one. I kept studying how to overcome it and more came. Jesus breaks you free as a believer, and causeless curses do not prevail. The truth is my Christian family was just oppressed of the devil, Acts 10:38.

I want to rid someone of this baggage today, before your cheese falls off your cracker. I have seen fear wreck children and adults. As a believer, you have spiritual authoriy over it, don’t be afraid to use it. The Prince of Peace wants you to. And the prince of darkness is helpless before Him. Here’s how to do it.

Now, I have embraced the fact that I was accepted into the beloved, Jesus Christ. God loves me and protects me, just as He did Jesus. Many times, people wanted to kill Him. They wanted to stone Him once and He slipped away. He had to give His life at Passover. Jesus paid the price. I am complete in Him.

Jesus is your everything. You look to Him and obey the Holy Spirit, just as He did the Father. It is a passion. Truly, an obseession, but not in a bad sense of the word. People will wonder where you get your energy, your joy, your peace. It’s a balance. I would watch eight hours of ministry at the time. My mother read incessantly, but all that pales in a moment alone in peaceful prayer and worshiping the Lord on an intimate level.

By professing that He made me righteous,which causes Isaiah 54:17 to work and fear to dissipate. You can turn your focus to love. Loving Jesus, loving your spouse, your family and friends, and even the unlovely. I kept letting the unlovely people hurt me, and even some oppressed lovely ones, because love can be hurt. Jesus can be hurt if we fail to love Him or let Him love us. And He loved us while we we sinners, how much more can He love us now? You never have to be afraid of the one who loves you best.

And if you’re afraid of God, He can’t help you. Remember, He loved you so much that He gave His Son for you.

Children should have great peace. The children of God should have great peace. He is our peace. The Bible does tell us to be perfect as Christ but as believers we are already to God because of His great sacrifice, this is pure grace. Pure love. When we try to be perfect, we fail. When we let Him perfect us, He will. It’s all about Jesus. If He’s your focus instead of the problem or the fear, then you have victory. He has already made a way for you.

Fear will try to stop you, faith with help you pray and speak His Word, hope knows to expect results. And love is the greatest of all. Follow after love (Jesus) that you prophesy, proclaim good things, love never fails, and is a more excellent way. Rebecca Jones

Father, in Jesus name, thank you for answering prayers today, I want you to break the bondages of fear in the lives of your children to day. Let them see your love and grace in Jesus accomplishment and obedience unto death on the cross. May they recieve that love right now, and keep it firmly in their hearts and minds, let your people declare that Jesus made them righteous and boast only of Him and not anything they did. Salvation is a gift, grace is a gift, Jesus is a gift. And love is your most excellent and precious gift. Praise you, Lord, we receive this word of grace.  Your Son made us free indeed, free to love. Amen.


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