Thief In The Night


~ As a thief in the night, the Groom will return and find some waiting and ready, while others sleep. 1 Thessalonians 5:2.

We need to keep the oil of the Holy Spirit burning brightly and be prepared like the wise for the return of our beloved Bridegroom. He is coming so and it would be appropriate for women to use wisdom and praise the Prince of Peace in this hour of His soon return.

Be alert, sober and vigilante as the adversary prowls in search of prey, trying to destroy the moves of the Holy Spirit, in th wake of hatred and violence.  It’s not about race or religion. It’s about love and it’s about Jesus! Hold onto Him in the desperate hours and He will be there for us, every time.

In Jewish tradition, the bridegroom comes for the bride in the night, and then there is a ceremony and feast. I’m ready for the marriage supper to begin. I would not want to be left in the terror that awaits those left behind. His return is imminent and upon us. Let’s walk in white. Rebecca Jones


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