What’s Love Got to Do With It?


In a word, everything. It’s funny how music affects our lives. You can get a tune stuck in your head and can’t get it out. The best worship songs can get you stirred up again. In my case, it’s a little different. I can have it wash over me with a peace like no other and I love it. It can be classical or showtunes, lively, but not over the top.

The song asks what’s love got to do with it, again my answer is everything. You can have a relationship, physical or otherwise and where there’s no love, or love depends on how you feel at the moment, it’s not love. We know we love Jesus because He loved us first and that God is love.  He loved us before we were born, while we were sinners, and all the time. I said before and was quoted on it, ” No one will ever loves us more and He will never love us less.” Love is a choice, God chooses to love. He forgives and forgets, and expects us to. If we love Him we will obey Him and not abuse His grace.

We are not less than or not good enough, we’re not looking for love in the wrong places when we look to Jesus. We never have to be afraid to talk to Him or come into intimate praise and worship. People have children all the time, and it’s not always out of love. These children may not be literal orphans but spiritual ones tossed from place to place. God is not like that, He is our Father and provider, He has room for many children. He meets every need, has time for us all, individually. He makes all of us feel as though we are an only child. We are the apples of His eyes, the rosebuds of His garden, the sushine of His day. He rejoices over us with song and dance. His desire is to see us joyful and abundant in faith, hope and love and the greatest gift is love.

I have heard people say that God wrecks them. I’m not sure what they mean. I have cried myself to sleep and into swollen eyes that were sore, but I loved Him for His sacrifice, His blessings, His healing. I love the gentless of the Holy Spirit’s guidance and His power to save me and protect me from so many things I don’t know about. I love that I have found His rest. I worked way too long for it.

God created music, it has been twisted with heavy metal and lyrics, yet the enemy cannot create only distort. We will all see ourselves clearly someday as believers, when behold Him face to face in His glory. Honestly, we can already if we walk in His tender love and mercy. I have walked in a lot of pain and hurt, as most of us have at sometime or another, but I can’t be bitter, I can’t stay angry, I have to keep going on walking out His path for me in love. Today is a special day for me because He is with me, encouraging me, inspiring me, bringing His music into my life. He’s a music maker, and a God of joy unspeakable, I’ll never cease to praise Him.  What’s love got to do with it?  You may as well say what’s God got to do with? Rebecca Jones


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