Walking on Water


Well friends, if your going to walk on water, you have to step out of the boat like Peter. And you may as well expect to fall. Why would any of us do any better, though we should because we have the advantage of the Word. How is that you may say?  The disciples had Jesus!

Well Jesus said it was better for Him to go away. He knew He would send the Holy Spirit and be there as our High Priest in Heaven. He knew what He would accomplish on the cross. So don’t have Jesus with us, but the Holy Spirit of the Living God on the inside of us if we submit and surrender to His will.

So, we can step out on faith, if we fall having little or short lived faith. He will pick us up, reach for our hand, save us from drowning in circumstances. To really walk on water is to focus on Him. We are not called to be sin conscious, but God conscious, we are not to focus on our problems but on the solution Jesus.

If it is an illness, and I prayed for a lady with cancer today, she was told she may have three years to live, we are not to focus on that, even though you may take medicine or go through things, focus on recovery. Focus on the fact that He is the healer. Focus on His promises. Focus on His love, that is the most important thing.  Go ahead, step out of the boat, just be sure to reach for Jesus.  Rebecca Jones


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